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Altered dream of the past...

We're not 100% sure this is the case, but we think our schedule has gotten to a point where we can refuse to work after a certain hour. And that's even after accepting yet another project today. Seriously, when will we learn? But we looked at when they'd need it, and we looked at our schedule, and we were like, "Miraculously, we seem to have an opening," so there you have it. We tend to do reckless things when we have miraculous openings in our schedule, like accept new projects or run off to Japan. Maybe if we'd stop doing that, we'd have more free time.

Meanwhile, today we worked on the latest Farewell, My Dear Cramer, and this month it was pretty much the death chapter. So much soccer... Not that I have anything against soccer in particular, just that, as you all know, we just don't know sports that well, so it requires a lot of research, and frankly, I think we might need soccer fans to take a similar view toward our translations to the one Brits take to Dick Van Dyke's attempt at a Cockney accent. On the other hand, as someone who cares about quality work, I do hope we're faking it better than that. In fact, this is the only series where we keep a style guide for all the terminology! So it's something, right? Maybe? ...I'm very sorry, soccer fans.

That being the case, maybe if we spent some time watching soccer, we'd have a better handle on things. Ha ha, time. That's rich.

But, as previously stated, we decided that we had time tonight, partially because we think it's true, and partially because even if it's not, we need to start taking time anyway, because seriously. And so! we watched the Sailor Moon SuperS Musical! Tadah! Oh my goodness, this was a crazy experience. In high school, the first Sailor Moon Musical we ever watched was the revised SuperS one. Our friend who got us into them was a big Sailor Saturn fan, and that was the one where she actually shows up as Sailor Saturn. It was the first Sailor Moon Musical that any of us had ever seen, and we watched the living daylights out of that thing. Especially the songs. Probably Triple Dreams the most. But what I'm saying is, we were very familiar with this show, even though none of us was really proficient in Japanese by that time (but we could sing most of the songs).

So now we watched the unrevised version. It was weird, especially because we haven't seen the revised version, probably at least fifteen years. So it was like a weird dream version, like, "I know this...but...not..." Athena did notice that Ami's voice did not crack when she sang Ii Ko wa Yameta in this particular recording. I noticed that, while you do get a pretty good view of Tux's teeth as he dies in this one, it's not as clear as the one in the revised version. Oh man, this is the problem with watching plays when you don't know the language. It's this super dramatic scene where he's DYING for crying out loud, but we didn't really understand what they were saying, so we just focused on how well you could see his crooked teeth. Sorry, Mochizuki-san. You know I love you anyway.

It'll be interesting watching the revised version when we actually can understand it.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch a Sailor Moon musical, finally finishing that chapter of Cramer (I got distracted and forgot to mention, oh yeah, there's a dialect), fond memories of watching Sailor Moon Musicals in the past, Page sitting with me for the whole show, and having major plans to sleep in tomorrow.
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