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Weekend with friends

This weekend has certainly been a weekend. Mostly, we had Gaston and Alice over, and they were set up in the room with the computer, so when we were home and they were out hockeying, we entertained ourselves in other ways.

So what happened was, Gaston had told us that there was going to be a hockey tournament, so we knew to expect him, but as the time for the tournament came closer, until eventually it was the first day of the tournament, and we hadn't heard anything from him, we started to think that maybe he wasn't coming after all, although of course we should have known better. Late Friday morning he called to let us know he and Alice were on their way. We said okay, yeah, that's cool, but we have this book due today (Friday), so instead of joining you for a few minutes at Disneyland before you go hockeying and hanging out there all afternoon, you should maybe pick us up after the game. We talked for a while after that until Alice kindly pointed out that, hello Gaston, we just told you the book is due today, maybe you should let us work on it. So that's what we did, but we didn't finish it. We were hoping to take advantage of the three-day weekend to get it in late without hurting anybody but ourselves. Our editor didn't email us with a, "Where is it!?" so I think we're okay.

At Disneyland, we found ourselves on the topic of light bulb jokes (of the "how many such-and-such does it take to change one" variety), so that's immediately what we thought of when, on It's A Small World, we saw that the Canadian Mountie was shrouded in darkness. "How many Disneyland cast members does it take to change a light bulb?" My first thought was, "More than they have," because the light bulb obviously had not been changed. Then I got bitter and my answer changed to, "We appreciate your question, and we're sorry you had a bad experience, but did you know that Walt Disney once said that Disneyland will never be finished as long as there is imagination in the world?" I mostly meant it as a nonsense answer, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that light bulbs that turn on would be part of completion, so...

Anyway, that all in turn led to a sort of Where's Waldo? game of finding light bulbs that needed replacing. The thing is, though, it was actually easier than Where's Waldo, because there are a lot of them. To be fair, this is partially because there are probably literally about a million light bulbs at Disneyland, so statistically, they will probably be easier to find, but on the other hand, you'd think a quality theme park known for its attention to detail would be more proactive about changing them as quickly as possible. But again to be fair, for all we know, those lights had gone out in the course of the operating day.

The next day was Saturday, and we all opted to go out for breakfast instead of sleeping in, a choice we were loathe to make, but we had a diabetic in need of insulin, and the Pancake House was convenient to the place where we would obtain it. And the pancakes were very tasty indeed.

After that, Gaston had no hockey games, and our passes were blocked out, so we all went over to the Alpine Village and looked at all kinds of neat German things. There was a used bookstore that seemed like exactly the kind of place you would find a literally magical book, especially since it was in a place like the Alpine Village. We were disappointed in that hope, but it wasn't a total bust, because the store had a cat and the cat likes us pretty well.

Then there was stuff and things and Alice surprised us by vacuuming our floors, and now here we are maybe almost caught up with work. Today I'm thankful for a fun weekend with friends, the cat at the used bookstore, the visitor girl who sang with our ward choir on Sunday (we have a fair amount of sopranos, but none of them are confident enough to sing out; if not for this girl, the melody would have been inaudible), Alice vacuuming our floors, and getting to catch up on sleep this morning without completely destroying our schedule.
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