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Not much time to talk--we're up late and we need to, like, not lose too much sleep. We went to turn in some things this morning and realized that there was another part of that project that we hadn't translated, sooo that was not the best start to the morning. And we were already starting slow because sometimes that just happens. And then there was a Disneyland survey, and I always have to say yes to those because I want Disneyland to realize that I used to love them but if they're going to keep doing such shoddy work, I can't love them anymore.

There's also the matter of articles about manga piracy, which we had to post about on Facebook, because we have some Facebook friends who read pirated manga, and we're like, "Hello? You're kind of completely undermining everything I do. Could you, like...not?" It especially bugs us because some of them are the kind of people to share angry rants about how artists should get paid for their work, and we're like, "HELLO!" But I don't have time to rant about that now.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, not having to stay up too late to do it, Disneyland surveys, Page actually not staying on the laptop all day when we needed it, and having a lovely chat with Mom and Steve.
Tags: busyness, disneyland, piracy

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