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Another week of not posting about the Harry Potter Christmas light show. I want to post about it, I really do. But since I woke up at like five-thirty or six this morning feeling like my heart rate was elevated and not like I'd woken up from a nightmare, I thought maybe all the constant working is stressing me out and I should use this day of rest to, like, rest and stuff. Especially because we made the mistake of checking our schedule, which sent my heart rate up a little more when we realized we have not one, but two books due this week. So we mostly spent the day reading manga and playing with jigsaw puzzle apps (that last one may not have been the best idea, because puzzles seem to be stressing me out, too, but I really wanted to! I think I figured out that the problem is that when the pieces are all scattered, it's chaos, which is not exactly serene).

We also opened up some packages, revealing our super adorable giant peacock plushie! And we finally opened the latest YumeTwins box, which came with another bento box! Now we have two, so we can each have our own bento to take to our Disneyland Office. Now if only we can figure out what kinds of things we could put in a bento that we'd actually eat. At this point, based on our current ideas, the whole box would be full of peanut butter sandwiches.

Today I'm thankful for super adorable giant peacock plushies, the other super adorable hedgehog plushie that came in our YumeTwins box, deep breaths, jigsaw puzzle apps, and having time to just relax.
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