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Our home teacher is in big trouble. I called him and asked him for a ride to the bank, and he said he had to do some stuff first, but he should be able to get here by five, which was twenty minutes away. At five-thirteen, the phone rang, and it wasn't him explaining why he was late. Now we've been forgotten before, but dude, twenty minutes after I called?

...Actually now that I think about it, there were probably times in college where people forgot about us within minutes of when we asked them to come over. Man, that's annoying.

On the bright side, the phonecall was from our Relief Society president, who was in the area and wanted to know if she could stop by. She even offered to take us to the bank, but she had forgotten by the time she left, and I was no longer being fueled by stress and didn't want to go out. And I wanted to watch Beauty and the Geek. Good thing we did, too--it was our last chance to see Tyson and Thais *sniffle*

Tyson's going to be on Twins tomorrow, but we have plans. We'll have to catch it in reruns.

So while our RS president was visiting, we started talking about finances, and she's going to come over on Saturday and help us fill out the form to get food and stuff from the Bishop's storehouse. And she assured us that we won't be in trouble for asking for cookies. We have a very bad habit of choosing cookies over real food. But it's nice to know that we're not sinners for liking cookies. At Grandpa's funeral, Aunt Christina talked about how within minutes of bringing any of her newborn younger siblings home from the hospital, he would be feeding them ice cream. Now we know the sweet tooth is genetic. Either that, or it was trained into Dad, who in turn trained it into us. Either way, it's a family thing.

And then our RS president said she was hungry, and asked if we'd eaten yet. When we said no, she asked if we like pizza. And thus she became our new favorite person in the entire world. And then we watched Smallville and it was all very nice. Except that when all we do is watch TV with the type of visitor who doesn't talk much while watching TV, we start to wonder if they're bored. But she's still planning to come back on Saturday, so at least she doesn't think we're horrible. And! She offered to buy us honey nut Chex Mix. Ever since we ate the honey nut Chex Mix the sister missionaries gave us for Christmas, Athena has been dreaming of the day she would get to eat it again.

So tomorrow morning I'm going to have to call our home teacher again and make sure he doesn't forget. But in the meantime, we really have to get back to work on translating.

Tonight, I'm very thankful that our RS president came over and bought us pizza (I haven't been this full in a long time), and I'm thankful for stuffed-crust pizza, cinnamon sticks and frosting, rescue checks from Dad, and being able to see Tyson on Beauty and the Geek.
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