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Habla espanol?

This Saturday was busy as usual. We did get to sleep in fairly late, so that was good. We were sort of hoping to maybe get a little work done, but our schedule was a little too weird for that, so instead! we wrote a couple of reviews. We've been so busy actually working that we haven't had much time for that lately, and we'd been getting a backlog. But now we're only one review behind!

Aside from the usual miscellany, the main thing we had to do today was attend a baptism! They needed us for the music, as usual. But this one was a little different than usual, because it was half in Spanish! That was pretty cool, but it did make me zone out a couple of times. I took Spanish in high school and even passed the AP test (which was kind of a waste, really, since I was fully intending to take Japanese in college, so using AP credits for language was not something I was planning), but it's been so long that I hardly remember anything. And every time I try to form my own Spanish sentences, they turn into Japanese. In fact, I thought about going up to bear my testimony and saying in Spanish that I only know a little Spanish, and then saying that whenever I try to form a sentence it turns into Japanese, and saying that partly in Spanish and partly in Japanese, but as far as I knew, Athena was the only other person there who knew Japanese, and I don't know if she would have tuned out before I got there because she took French in high school. Also, I didn't know what else I would say, so I decided to just stay seated.

Anyway, it was a neat experience. There were refreshments afterward, and while we stood around eating, the boy who got baptized came along and we got into an in-depth discussion about Disney. That was kind of unexpected. There were other kids around, and grownups that we imagine he knows better than us, but instead he came over to talk to us about Disney. Well, Pixar, actually. We had to make sure not to let our anti-Pixar bias come across too much. I mean, of course we were honest about it, but when he said his favorite movie was Cars, we weren't going to say, "Ugh, Pixar." And in the first Cars, Lightning legitimately learned to care about other people, so that's good. And the kid was cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a half-Spanish baptism (Athena led all the songs in Spanish, too!), having a pretty arrangement to have the choir sing for ward conference, finishing our grocery shopping in time to get ready for the baptism, having a nice time talking to people, and getting to catch up a little on review writing.
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