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Well, after today it's looking like a much worse idea to have accepted that new series than we thought. Everything keeps taking longer than it's supposed to! Aaaarrrrgh! It's okay, though! One of the reasons we accepted this series is that we read the first chapter and there was soooooo little text! ...On the other hand, our editor told us all the exposition hits in chapter two.

Anyway, the point is, we've been working all day and we're tired. But on the bright side, we had a lot of fun with work! That's the other reason we have such a hard time acknowledging our limits. If we like it, it can't be that hard on us, can it? Yes, it can. But it's not like it's physical labor or anything! They've done studies to show that mental labor is still labor. But it's not like my brain feels tired! That's probably because it's given up on trying to give you the cues anymore, because you keep ignoring them. ...And when I put it that way, it starts to sound like a stroke waiting to happen. Oh dear.

It's okay, though! Because now we plan to go to bed and sleep in! We can sleep until noon if we have to! ...At least I think we'd still have time to buy groceries and go to the baptism if we did that. Saturdays somehow always manage to only have about four hours of time when we can be productive. I'm not sure how that works, because I don't think we're slacking that much, and yet here we are.

I should stop rambling and go to bed. Today I'm thankful for having fun manga to translate, finishing one of the two things we wanted to finish today, getting to sleep in tomorrow, the beautiful music on our Kingdom Hearts Orchestra CD, and learning that there are Kingdom Hearts fans out there who actually read the manga.
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