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Alethea & Athena
Two days slow 
1st-Feb-2018 11:08 pm
I think we have a serious problem. We've been working even more extra time lately, because rassa-frassin' anime episode and it's stupid elephant puns took so long (it's okay, anime! you're still our favorite this season, and not just because we get paid to watch you!), and then the thing it pushed back took longer than we hoped (always remember to plan based on how long you expect something to take, not how long you hope it will take (we were, but then the anime took extra long; it's usually so kind to us)), and so now here we are two hours past our bedtime, finally finishing the book that was due today. Hence the "two days slow" comment. We just feel like we've been going slow. At least we're a liiiittle tiny smidge ahead on one of our next assignments.

Anyway, in the midst of floundering through that vast sea of overwork, we got an email from one of our editors asking if we were interested in a new project. Well, of course we are; we want to translate all the manga. And he gave us some extra info on it, and we looked into it, and we really like it, so now we want to do it even more. But we're looking at our schedule and we're thinking, "We barely have time to survive what's already on our plate. We can't take more!"

...But we said yes anyway. WHY!? Because we liiiiike it! Also, I think there might be some psychological stuff going on, like you know how that article went around Facebook all, "We've found the cause of addiction and it's not what you think!" and it was about how people get addicted to things in order to fill a void in their lives? I think we may be turning to work to distract ourselves from our utter lack of social life. We may be thinking, "If we keep working on stuff, eventually someone will notice us and care!" Of course that's silly, because no they won't (Athena says, "We really need Sailor Moon to finally come out so we can disillusion ourselves of that."), and remember, your editors care! But they're just as busy as you are, and besides social interaction brings nothing but pain, suffering, and awkwardness anyway.

Anyway. We may have a difficult time surviving February, but on the bright side, we have an adorable Chip and Dale calendar to help us spell out our doom.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, getting to take a break to go to the Primary appreciation dinner, Page's attempts to force us into not working by commandeering the computer keyboards (we're really not sure at this point if it's because cats just like to be annoying sometimes, or if she's genuinely concerned about our health), being introduced to this new series, and it being time to go to sleep.
2nd-Feb-2018 12:48 pm (UTC) - oh no
Welp...good...good luck...and well, try to rest when you can this month ;-;
3rd-Feb-2018 02:50 am (UTC) - Re: oh no
Thanks for your support! We'll do our best!
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