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Alethea & Athena
Learning the hard way 
27th-Jan-2018 09:15 pm
After completely draining our energy supplies during the week, we were hoping to get plenty of rest today. We did sleep in much later than usual, so our goal wasn't totally unmet, but we were also busier than we would have liked. I wanted to spend the evening relaxing and watching a movie--The Princess and the Frog, which wouldn't necessarily have been so relaxing in and of itself, but we would have been lying down. We've been wanting to rewatch the last decent hand-drawn animated movie Disney did for a while, and we've been seeing Tiana around Frontierland. Then we were talking about a character's dialect with our editor on a certain series, and we all decided that Tiana would be a good speech model for her.

So we decided to pull the movie out of our library and watch it. The problem is all we have for watching Blu-rays is our PS3, which is ten years old and not wireless, and the last time we tried to watch a Blu-ray on it (the second Noragami stage show, followed shortly by Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast because, unable to watch Noragami, we had to decide on something else to do), it wouldn't let us because we needed to do a system update. But because the PS3 is not wireless, and most of our cables got left behind after the fire at our last apartment, we had no way of connecting the PS3 to our internet. And so we tried all manner of ridiculous methods to fix this problem, resulting in a lot more physical exertion than you'd expect, until finally I Googled "ps3 system update" and figured out the very very easy way to upgrade the system with a flash drive. Yes, I do feel silly for not thinking of it sooner.

And by the time we finally got it all done, it was almost bedtime. So we weren't able to watch the movie, but now we're ready for next time! And! if we can ever find the time (lol), we can watch the second Noragami stage play! So that's something to look forward to.

Today I'm thankful for having an upgraded PS3, getting lots of sleep last night, Page coming to help us with our PS3 problems, getting the Ariel fingernail clippers in our YumeTwins box, and the adorable little boy who had to inform us, as we walked by a chihuahua, that there was a dog tied to the tree. He tried to talk to us more, but I had gotten the chihuahua barking, so we couldn't hear much over it. After about a minute, I told the kid, "Well, we have to go to the store, so we'll see you later," and he went, "Okay, bye!" and it was one of the cutest things.
28th-Jan-2018 09:54 pm (UTC)
Oy, technology. You’d think playing a simple tangible media disc would be a simple process, but even the BluRay player I just bought 2 weeks ago insists on going for software updates like that. You’d think like good old CD players- stick it in and hit play, but no.

Ive not seen “The Princess and the Frog”. Is it good?

29th-Jan-2018 12:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, all these new-fangled gadgets and their constant need for upgrades. Part of planned obsolescence, maybe.

We...had mixed feelings about The Princess and the Frog. There were some things we liked a lot, and some things we didn't like so much. The music is by Randy Newman, who we don't like nearly as much as we like Alan Menken, but the songs grew on us. There were some pacing issues in a couple of places (the frog hunters scene seemed to go on forever, but based on their social media posts, it seemed to be a favorite of the animators'). There were some really great characters and some not so great characters. And it tried just a bit too hard to be edgy (it didn't necessarily fail, but it was something that made us personally roll our eyes).

On the other hand, if you like a princess who breaks the mold, this one's a good bet. Tiana's main goal throughout (aside from not being a frog) is to open her own restaurant, and you get to see the effort she puts into it and the trials society throws at her. And she's really the one who saves the day, defeats the villain, etc. (Not that you don't get that in earlier Disney movies, but it's way more prominent.)

So all in all, I'd say it's worth checking out, at least.
29th-Jan-2018 02:35 am (UTC)
Randy Newman, ‘nuff said.

Am I picking up a whiff of Disney trying to capture Bambi’s iconic durability in your description? Hm. I’ll put it on the watch list.
30th-Jan-2018 05:24 am (UTC)
That has not been my experience with Randy Newman's lyrics, but to be fair, we've only really heard it in Pixar movies and The Princess and the Frog.

Ummm, based on the animal designs at the end, I would say not, although on recent viewing it occurred to me that those designs may just be that they wanted to continue the stereotype of Cajun bad teeth. Anyway, the backgrounds are a little more reminiscent of the watercolors in Snow White and Pinocchio than the impressionist Bambi backgrounds.

But if anything, I'd say that this movie was Walt Disney Animation's first serious attempt at being subversive, leading into Frozen. Make of that what you will.
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