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We were fully intending to post today with more of our adventures at Universal Studios, but our schedule got away with us, and we figure no one really cares that much anyway. After church today, we went to stake choir practice and had a grand old time, but because of scheduling conflicts with other members of the stake, there was a second choir practice, which we were fully intending to not go to because we already went to the first one, but the scheduling conflicts extended to the choir accompanist and I was asked to step in. I agreed because I had no reason not to and I like doing choir stuff, but it did result in our schedule being completely unmanageable.

And really it was all very lovely, except! as we chatted with the choir director on the way to choir practice, we said we're Alan Menken fans all the way, and she was like, "Oh, I don't really like Alan Menken." And we were like, "You shut your filthy mouth!" Seriously, of all the things she didn't like that we like (including the original Fantasmic), the one that insulted us was Alan Menken. I just...I just can't even with that.

But we didn't swear off association with her forever, because her daughter likes anime and she's actually supportive enough to watch it with her. Like, if you ask our mom what our favorite anime is, she will have no idea. But this woman knew her daughter's favorite anime and her daughter's favorite character in that anime, and it's Haikyu, which has about a bazillion characters, so it was really quite impressive. So I guess we're still friends, but we can't talk about Disney.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at choir practice (twice), the yummy caramel cake we got at Bread Day, having a regional broadcast next week which means we don't have to prepare Primary lessons, getting to sit down and do jigsaw puzzles on our iPads, and having exciting plans for tomorrow.
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