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Stalling for time

Our schedule got messed up to the point of us not knowing what to do about it, so we came to LiveJournal to whine. The problem, ultimately, is that I had a dentist appointment today. And it went well and everything, but it was at 11:30, which is right in the middle of our workday. We probably would have worked before the appointment, but there were extenuating circumstances which I will get to later. The point is, after stopping for some water ice on the way home, we got home at about 1:30 and decided our blood sugar still wasn't high enough, so we took even more time to eat "real food," and by then it was really too late to start a new project.

We did, of course, finish the first draft we didn't manage to complete last night, but after everything, we just couldn't get in the right brain space to start editing something. We were hoping we'd have an episode of anime to translate, but no luck. So there we were with two first drafts due over the weekend, and we don't want to work on either of them but those deadlines aren't meeting themselves. And we weren't sure what to do about it, but then we remembered that aha! we have a third book also due on Monday. We could just do a first draft of that translation! (First drafts are much easier than edits, you see, which is why we're always reluctant to start on edits. Naturally, the reluctance grows stronger as the day wears on.)

Of course, we don't usually get sent books on time for this series, so we were going to buy the digital version on BookWalker, but Athena searched for it and it was nowhere to be seen. A bit of poking around on the internet tells us that the next volume in this series is showing no signs of coming out any time soon, and the manga artist's Twitter seems to indicate that she may be on hiatus (after her name, it says 休*準備中). So we emailed our editor to let him know that we were dropping the title from our schedule, but now we're still left with the same quandary of which terrifying edit we want to start on first? (The one's only terrifying because it's an edit, and because it's next to the other one, which is super terrifying.)

Naturally, the answer is to stall for time and see if that anime episode shows up. So here we are.

Now about those extenuating circumstances. Longtime readers will know that we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may have also heard that Thomas S. Monson, the president of the Church, recently passed away. And today they had the special broadcast to announce the new First Presidency, which happened to fit perfectly into the time slot of "after we wake up and before we leave for the dentist." Of course, the Church is set up so that everybody pretty much knows who the next president will be when the current one passes away, so it wasn't really a surprise.

In case anyone is curious, the new president is Russell M. Nelson. He and his two counselors, Dallin H. Oaks and Henry B. Eyring, also had a press conference, and the whole thing was just very happy. They were all smiling and optimistic, and it was so cute whenever someone asked a question at the press conference, President Nelson was all, "I love you and your family." It really helped set an optimistic tone for the day. (I also recently read in our grandfather's biography that President Nelson operated on Grandpa's heart many years ago (he was a heart surgeon before he was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles), so that was kind of a neat connection.)

Today I'm thankful for loving Church leaders, all going well at the dentist, Stroop Waffles, managing to get some work done anyway (we thought of a couple of other productive things we could do after this, too), and having one less book on our current to-do list.
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