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Back to work

The weekend is over and we're back at work! It feels like Tuesday, but it is in fact Monday. Did you all watch episode two of Mitsuboshi Colors? You won't regret it! It's just as funny as episode one! But, oh poor Yui, she really needs to get new friends.

Our schedule was a little off track as of Saturday, but as of today! It's only slightly off track! We think we can make a full recovery, as long as tomorrow doesn't throw things off too badly. I have an orthodontist appointment and a cleaning. And! there's a special broadcast for the Church tomorrow, so we're thinking of watching that.

And I don't really have anything interesting that I want to talk about. Today I'm thankful for being closer to back on track with our schedule, getting to watch a pretty cool episode of Seven Deadly Sins today, waking up to Page on my pillow, the hope that despite a delayed release date the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition will one day hit bookstore shelves, and the sugar cookies we got at Bread Day today.
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