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New Year, new possibilities

Today we did two things that are related to each other and could result in our near future being either way more awesome or way more awful. First of all, we've had this idea in the works that maybe, if we had a nice, lightweight laptop, we could take it to Disneyland and do our job there. I don't even know what started it. Just at some point, we found ourselves daydreaming about finding a nice place to sit, surrounded by what's left of the magical ambiance, and working on manga. Then we found ourselves telling people about it, and they were like, "Yeah, you should totally do that!" I think that started happening when everybody was like, "But you can just do your work anywhere, right?" and we were like, "Not really." First, we need a lightweight laptop. Second, we'd really rather just, like, not be working all the time.

Nevertheless, if we're going to need to work all the time anyway, it would be nice to get some Disneyland ambiance while we're at it. And if we're distracted by work, maybe we can stop focusing on how much we loathe all the crowds. We mentioned our dream to our accountant (also our mother) yesterday, and she gave us the thumbs-up. Sometimes I think she dreams about Disneyland more than we ever did. But anyway, it was sort of on our minds because we've been having great Disneyland weather, and also because Gaston ended up with an extra smartphone, and he said he's thinking of giving it to us, mostly because he wants to support this "set up an office at Disneyland" idea, and having a smartphone will allow us to have internet.

So when Best Buy sent us an email with a link for "laptops under $250," we did a little browsing. Still, the plan seems a little silly, so we were like, "We can't just drop a bunch of money on a laptop!" But we still saved a link to one that was lightweight and well-reviewed.

Then we got an email from an editor, offering us a new title. I kind of shake my head at the thought of it. But we like this editor so we didn't want to say no! And in fact, we made sure not to be too ridiculous about it. She said they'd need the first volume in about two weeks, and we looked at our schedule and saw that we had four books already due in that time frame, so how about two and a half weeks? ...It still sounds ridiculous, but not too ridiculous, right? We even added that if they needed it sooner than that, there would be no hard feelings if she handed it off to someone else. She said two and a half weeks was fine, so we're all in business!

That being the case, we reasoned that A)we would be getting more money from this new series, and B)we really would need to literally take work with us wherever we go if this nonsense keeps up, so we might as well go ahead and get the laptop. So it has now been ordered, and ideally we'll head over sometime this week to experiment with this outdoor Disneyland office thing. (We've already considered the possibility that they won't allow that, but Athena reminded me that we know of at least two separate people who bring their work to Disneyland, so it probably won't be an issue. And it's possible that the thing that instigated the whole idea was a vague memory of seeing a guy at Disneyland on his laptop in a particular favorite spot of ours.)

The one potential fatal flaw to this plan is that, as swamped with work as we are, it may not be the best idea to wear ourselves out experimenting with new office situations...but we're probably going to do it anyway, because it's a new year, and that means it's time to try outrageous new things! At the very least, it won't hurt to get some exercise...unless we once again fail to get enough to eat and wear ourselves out to the point of needing three days to recover. But for the early stages, we're willing to shell out money for food in the parks. We'll work on the possibility of bento lunches (not Japanese style, silly; we still have the palates of spoiled American five-year-olds) once we've determined whether or not this is a viable plan.

Today I'm thankful for taking the leap to experiment with outrageous plans, having enough money to buy a new laptop, having a new series to look forward to, the lovely rainy weather we had today, and the yummy chocolate pretzel cookies we baked last night.
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