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Today was mostly uneventful. We're still not entirely sure what to do with ourselves when we're not working, which tends to result in getting lost playing Kingdom Hearts Union Cross for way too long.

We did do something significant! Ish! We decided that it's fair to use the money from translating Sailor Moon to buy the DVDs of the old musicals, so, since we just got a payment, we ordered the Anza Oyama collection part one. We think we've probably only seen one of the musicals in this collection, but we haven't bothered checking the details, because ideally we'll get all of them eventually. Just as long as we can turn in future volumes of Sailor Moon before they stop selling them. Anyway, we're excited to the point of being like, "Why haven't they shipped it yet!?", knowing full well that it's the weekend and you can't expect things to ship that quickly.

And I was just pestering Page, which reminds me, there is news on the feline front. Several days ago, as we were out getting the mail, we ran into a bunch of kids who had captured a small cat and were looking for its owner. Based on subsequent encounters with these children, I think they decided they'd searched long enough with little enough success that they could fairly claim the cat as their own. Nevertheless, they must have decided she's an outdoor cat, because now she's been showing up a lot. (We think it's a she based on the coloring. We read an article somewhere about how only female cats have fur that mixed up.)

She's a funny thing, too. We'll open the door to let Page outside or to feed the other outside cats, and suddenly she'll just dash through it. Then she'll run around our apartment like it's hers. And we can't scare her out like we can the others, so we have to catch her, and then she makes the funniest squeaky siren sound. Poor little put-upon kitty.

Today I'm thankful for leveling up our Moogle O'Glory keyblades, having a new feline friend, having an interesting new breakfast cereal to try, getting to use our adorable Chip and Dale calendar, and getting to order some Sailor Moon Musicals.
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