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Back at the grindstone

We got back to work today, but fortunately it was kind of a light workload. We're on a new anime for this season, and if the first episode is any indicator, things will be a bit easier for us every week. This is important, because with publishers getting back to work after the holidays, we're starting to hear more about future deadlines. January is already booked pretty solid. We're reeeeeally hoping we can get things finished early, but I guess we'll see. In the meantime, as long as we don't have any rush jobs come along, we should be fine. (And I hope that didn't jinx anything, but as far as I know, all of our ongoing uncertain projects have been addressed...unless Noragami or Kigurumi Guardians suddenly decides to go off of hiatus, in which case, we love both of those titles so at least the overtime would be on things we like.)

I know I still have to tell everybody about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We're still trying to get everything sorted out. And we're still insisting on spending our free time playing Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. But that will stop when the 0-AP campaign is over. We also still have to write a review for Fire Force 9. So many little things that keep adding up.

Today I'm thankful for this new series not being too hard on our workload, finally being caught up on My Little Pony, having lots of time to play Kingdom Hearts, dreams of someday making something awesome, and getting to listen to our Princess Principal CD.
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