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Year in Review: 2017

It's that time again! Time for a Year in Review post!

As usual, we'll start with the meme of pasting the first sentence (or two or three) from the first post of each month for the year.

We saw some people saying let's hope 2017 is a good one, and I think that's okay, and that we should add to it, "Because we're going to do what we can to make it a good year!" A lot of the good things that happened to us last year wouldn't have happened if we hadn't taken action to make them happen, but the best part about them was that after we took that action, it turned into so much more than what we had hoped. So I hope we can all go into the new year with a determination to do cool things.

For those of you who were worried, we got some payments today, so we are no longer super broke! Now we're just regular broke, by which I mean we can probably afford necessities, but no splurging until things get better.

Well, Gaston's coming today and we're going to Disneyland. I know, it's a terrible idea given our current workload, but we're just going to do it anyway and deal with the resulting work crunch later. There's still hope that some of the books we have to translate later in the month won't take long.

This weekend has been a really good one so far. As usual, there were a lot of great talks at General Conference. I was most excited to hear Elder Dale G. Renlund talk about differentiating between sin and one who commits sin. I've seen more than one article recently-ish talking about how the idea of "love the sinner hate the sin" is so erroneous that I was happy to hear someone talk about how it is possible (although he was wise enough not to use the exact phrase).

The rest of our birthday was pretty much as laid-back as the beginning of it. We had a couple of people call us as they were on their way to various places, and Dad called when he got off work (apparently the place he works was having some kind of an Earth Day event, so he was working on Sunday) and let us ramble on about Disneyland and Disney and translating and stuff.

I thought maybe I'd post a little bit earlier than right before we go to bed tonight, so maybe I can have something more substantial than "we worked today." I'm not sure if I can, though. Work is really the main event we have going on right now. On the bright side, it's been going smoothly enough that we haven't been having to work all the way until bed time, and we just found out something from Negima that we've been waiting to know for years. On the not so bright side, our schedule has potentially been thwarted. [That pretty much sums up our whole year right there (except for the Negima reveal).]

We're on a short break from Anime Expo today, so here we are at home! Tadah! And I feel like I have a lot of stuff I'm trying to remember, and also like I don't have a lot of stuff that needs to be remembered, but at any rate, it will probably help me to remember more stuff (there are still two days of Anime Expo after today, after all) if I write some of it down now, to make more space.

It's raining outside! This is so exciting! I feel like it never rains in the summer! But I know that's not true because it rained around Anime Expo time about two years ago! But that was two whole years ago, so maybe I'm a little justified in still feeling like it never happens. Anyway, we have all our windows open and we're still not planning to close them! That might change if it seems like the wind is blowing such that water start getting in.

Finally, we get to LiveJournal! Oh my goodness, what a day. We already knew it was going to be long, since we didn't manage to get halfway done with our Waiting for Spring edit yesterday. This meant we had to work a regular day, possibly longer, to finish on time, which wasn't so much of a problem in and of itself, but we don't get much of a break this weekend, because we have a volume of Beasts of Abigaile due on Monday. We could probably finish that one without too much trouble on Monday, except for the fact that that is Gaston's birthday and we don't know if he'll be coming down that day or waiting until the day after Labor Day to make his birthday Disneyland trip. So this was looking to be a pretty tough weekend.

Oh man, this weekend has been very full in super good (General Conference) ways and not-super-super-good-because-it-involved-working-late-into-the-night-but-still-good-because-we-love-our-job ways. This General Conference was especially good for us, because a lot of things were said that I think we needed to hear, and we got a lot of advice and encouragement, so we're feeling pretty good about life. But still ridiculously busy.

I didn't want to blow off Review Rednesday! Something suddenly came up. (<--that's a Brady Bunch reference for all you kids out there.) But I'll actually tell you what came up, because it was an Adventure with a capital A. Capital, I tell you! (If you're not interested, just skip to the LJ cut for the review.) [It involved helping someone move; further evidence that adventures are not by definition interesting.]

I'm so tired and yet I feel like I haven't worked that much today. But we did work that much today. We worked all day...except for when the pizza was in the oven and we played Kingdom Hearts. There were also some brief pauses to play other silly apps...but I didn't think they were that long. No more than ten minutes. But I guess ten minutes can add up. But it only happened maybe twice.

It's surprising, although it shouldn't be, how many of these posts went on to say, "And then our schedule was thwarted by UQ Holder." I think we've finally gotten it into our heads that UQ Holder always shows up at the beginning of the month. Except when it arrives in time for New Year's. What I'm saying is, this year was pretty much a year of carefully balancing our schedule so we can get everything in just in time...only to have something else come up and make us rearrange everything.

I think the paragraphs under the cut do a pretty good job of summarizing our year as pretty much nonstop work, but! there were three things that didn't get mentioned because they happened mid-month. First, we went to San Diego Comic-Con. This was exciting at the time. We have two takeaways from it: 1)We should do a translation panel at Anime Expo, and 2)We don't really like Comic-Con. It's just a stark reminder that our tastes are so wildly different from everyone else's that we will never find friends to share our favorite things with. And it didn't help that half of the world's population was there (with their grandmothers and dogs), and being stuck in big unmoving big crowds makes us grumpy.

Second, this is the year we got really into translating anime in addition to manga. Technically our first official anime translation was in 2016, with The Dragon Dentist, but this is the year we became regular freelancers for Sentai Filmworks.

And most importantly! You guys!!! We got to see a Sailor Moon musical!!!! Oh my goodness, it was a dream come true. I still can hardly believe it. We did a fair amount of squeeing about it back when it was actually happening, but for those of you who missed it, Sailor Moon was our introduction to anime, and soon after we got into it, a friend of ours discovered the musicals and we lived close enough to a Kinokuniya that we were able to import videos from Japan. None of us knew Japanese at the time, but we learned the songs anyway, and had a grand old time singing Sailor War Supreme. Fast forward to this year, the Sailor Moon Fan Club has a lottery for early ticket sales, and we entered because why not? We didn't think we'd get it anyway, but then we did! So we bought tickets and we went to Japan and it was amazing. We're totes buying the DVD when it comes out. (Incidentally, the Japan trip happened right around the time we stopped being broke, and was thence the cause of our being broke for several months longer. You'd think all our nonstop work would at least keep us with a fair amount of money, and to that I say, "Stay out of debt, kids.")

So yeah. I feel like this year was so filled with work that there's not a whole lot else to remember, but it was a lot of fun work (even if we came super close to burnout about a million times), and that Japan trip was awesome. So I'd say it was a pretty good year. I do hope next year isn't quite so busy, but also less broke. Hopefully those two things are not mutually exclusive.

But anyway! To illustrate what we were so busy working on all the time, our dear friend lyschan made us a beautiful collage with the covers of all the books we translated, as well as an image from each of the anime series we translated.

Isn't it beautiful? Technically it's missing a couple of things. We translated the booklets that came with the Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless DVDs, and there was a chapter of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Also, apparently it was still within this year that we finished up Persona Q: Side P4. It feels like so much longer ago...

We started about ten new series this year, too! Why do we do these things to ourselves!? But at least two of them were only three volumes long. And another one is technically ongoing but has been stuck at three volumes for, like, years or something. But man, we got to translate a lot of really cool manga this year. (Incidentally, Kodansha is having a digital sale on every one of their titles through January...sixth? So if you see something on there that looks might not be Kodansha, but since about 80% of what we translate is for them, there's a strong possibility.)

There are two things about the collage that are just a tiny bit sad. First, there's only one volume of our beloved Noragami on there. And second, we translated Sailor Moon volume one back in 2016, but it wasn't announced yet, so it wasn't on our 2016 collage, and it's not on our 2017 collage. But two and three are there! And the cover will always exist in all its beauty, on a collage like this one or not. (It's on lys's collage, though!)

Okay, I think I'm going to stop rambling. This year I'm thankful for getting to work on several amazing manga series, getting to accomplish a lifelong dream and see a Sailor Moon musical, getting motivated to see about doing a panel at Anime Expo, getting to translate some really cool anime (seriously, check out Princess Principal--it's so good!), and surviving through it all.
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