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New Year's miracle

It's a New Year's miracle!! We have done it! We finished all our work! We don't have to work tomorrow, and we can take Monday off!! Oh joy! Oh rapture!

...Then on Tuesday we'll see how much death awaits us in January. Things are looking pretty okay so far, though. And it will be so nice even just have one day off when we're not out and about expending energy in other ways than working. We actually aren't quite sure what we'll do with ourselves. There's a good chance we'll end up lying around playing Kingdom Hearts all day.

Anyway! the best part of it is, today I got my Christmas present from Sarah, and it will be perfect for Monday! It's a pair of pajama pants covered in musical staffs, which are full of rests! And I will be resting! See!? It's the best! Sarah's such a good gift-giver.

Today I'm thankful for the best pajama pants ever, getting to take Monday off, finishing all our work including some UQ Holder! extras that had to go and be way longer than usual, getting to sleep in tomorrow, and getting to go to bed soon.
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