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Rough day

We knew that today was going to be rough, because we would have to finish a whole episode of Hozuki and a chapter of UQ Holder. And it was rough. So rough that we did not finish that chapter of UQ Holder. But we think we're close enough to finishing our other work that it's okay to save that until tomorrow.

The Hozuki season finale of course had to be nonstop talking. Oh man, it was bad. There were so many historical references, and there were poems (not many, fortunately, but man), and pop culture references, and! they decided not to have an opening sequence, so they had that much more time to talk talk talk. Whew. We're tired. I think it's a fairly good episode, though. Just hard to translate.

So we got a late start on UQ Holder, and we decided to hold off on the edit. Fortunately, we have until New Year's to finish it. But that reminds me, we have some extra stuff to translate that we also wanted to do tomorrow. Hmmm. Well, hopefully we won't spend all day translating, but even if we do, we can sleep in on Saturday, and if we get it all done! we can take Monday off! Woohoooooo!

At least, we think we can take Monday off. We have some stuff due in the first half of January, but we like to think none of it is as big as a volume of manga. So we'll take the day off anyway, and if we find out we were wrong, well, that's future me's problem.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that episode of Hozuki, managing to get a first draft of UQ Holder done too, getting to feast on chocolate cookies at snack time, Page finally getting settled (she spent a good portion of the day pestering us; she seems to want us to take a break, too), and lotion.
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