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After the trial cometh the blessing

Family Home Evening for some reason was extremely boring today. Maybe I was extremely boring today; usually I can keep myself entertained even if I choose not to participate in the activity. But for some reason, today I was exceedingly bored, and then the activity refused to stop. They got a couple from a different stake to come teach people swing dancing, and just when we thought that everyone was done and they were dispersing, the chick was teaching everyone a new step. So not only was I bored, but the thing wouldn't end.

But it turned out to be a good thing, because one of the guys who came to get refreshments was wearing a shirt with kanji on it. So I read his shirt, and then we got to talking about Japanese, even though technically his shirt was in Chinese. And then another guy came in who apparently was really in to Japanese and from what people said later he apparently tried to teach himself, so we got to feel all kinds of smart. And then we ran into a girl who... has some kind of relationship with him, though we have no idea if she's related or a girlfriend or what, and she loves Japan too, and she was very cute and very excited about various things, including Disneyland.

So we got to have a very nice conversation, and we ended up feeling guilty about making our ride home wait for us, but she seemed to be perfectly fine, and even suggested we invite the new girl to the anime get-together we just arranged for Friday. Unfortunately, this idea was not thought of until we had parted ways, so we'll just have to invite the new girl to the next one, which will hopefully be less than five months in the future.

And tonight I'm thankful for tea ring cookies, new friends, being able to share anime with people, swing music, and the Japanese language.
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