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Vanity, vanity

We're back from Universal Studios, and we had a good time, but we don't have time to post about it. In fact, technically we don't even have time to post this. We still have work that we're not sure we can finish, but motivation is difficult because we are tired (as usual), and there are paperwork issues that make everything seem even more pointless. We were supposed to finish an anime episode today, but there were issues that prevented that, too. So we tried decompressing with an episode of My Little Pony, and now we're going to bed, and hopefully we'll feel better enough tomorrow to make up for what we didn't finish today.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, being at least partially productive today, getting to watch an episode of My Little Pony, the yummy pound cake we had at lunch, and getting a couple of the packages we were waiting for.
Tags: busyness, universal studios

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