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Parting is such sweet sorrow

Oh man, I'm so tired. It feels like today was a whirlwind, but it was really the same old work. It was all the extra stuff inbetween, like bosses emailing us about new work and having to think about our future schedule. And then Gaston called, and I was like, "Oh no, things were just barely looking survivable without a trip to Disneyland..." But that was okay, because we were sort of planning to go to Disneyland tomorrow anyway, because it will be our last chance to see the Christmas parade, and I really like the Christmas parade. And it didn't matter anyway, because it wasn't about Disneyland, it was about Universal Studios. And I thought, "Oh no, we'll die if we take time off to go to Universal Studios!" but I really want to go. So now I'm excited about getting to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but also feeling rather doomful about work. And we still have to get back to a project manager about a translation.

On top of all that, there was the bittersweet event that happened yesterday. We heard some noise outside in the direction of the patio, and after the weirdness with the box and the cat bed, we didn't want to just ignore it. So I went to check it out, and it turns out some of the neighborhood kids had captured the little black kitten and were knocking on the neighbors' door to ask if they could take it. The neighbors, of course, don't live there anymore, so I stepped out to fulfill my role as the kittens' new caretakers.

The sad part about that is my role was really to make sure they found homes, so I felt like I ought to say yes. The kids seemed really nice, and I appreciated that they knocked on the door to ask even though they already had the kitten and could have just walked off with it. They told me they wanted to give it to their aunt, who has had many pets in the past, so they knew she would give it a good home. As we were discussing this, the little striped kitten popped out of the box, and since the striped one is so much smaller, it seemed like it would be lonely if its last remaining litter mate got taken away, and I said to the kids, "Oh, but I hate to separate them!"

Well, there were four kids, and between them, they have a lot of family members, so one of them ran off to ask her mother if they could take them both. And they talked about how their aunt also has a lot of money, so she can make sure the cats go to the vet and get shots and things, and I was really impressed because they told me all this stuff with no prompting from me. We supposed our former neighbors have trained them well, since they were the recipients of kittens from earlier litters (a fact that of course they didn't hesitate to talk about).

After a while, the girl came back with permission, and so we set about catching the little striped kitten...who very much did not want to be caught. I thought maybe it would be better to honor the kitten's wishes and just let it roam free for the time being, but I realized in the long run, this kitten, who once again managed to get an eye infection (it really needed to be careful where it put its face when nursing), probably should go live with someone who was better prepared to take care of it. So when it hid under the little cat house that the neighbors bequeathed us, I reached under and grabbed it and handed it to the kids. Oh, but it broke my heart.

The little boy in the group seemed to tell that I was about to cry, because it sounded like he was trying to make me feel better when he promised that they could come visit us. I waited until they were gone, went back inside, and let it all out. They weren't even technically our kittens, but it was so hard giving them away. I do feel like they're both going to good homes (I think the one is going to be a gift to their aunt and the other a gift to their cousin, but I didn't pry), but it's been hard looking out the window and not seeing a tiny cat between the fence posts.

Fortunately(?), we have plenty of work to keep us from being sad about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to enjoy the kittens while they were here, the kids who took them seeming like really good kids, still having our very own Page to keep us company, the hope that the series we've agreed to do for the next season will be less talkative than Hozuki (the odds are looking good), and having plans to see Harry Potter World.
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