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Today's work report is: not so good. We were hoping to get two first drafts done, but we only got one and a quarter. I feel like the edit on the second one will go very quickly, though, so hopefully we're not too far behind schedule.

Now let's talk about the patio cats. For those of you just tuning in, about a year and a half ago, a stray cat decided to have kittens in our neighbors patio, which is only separated from ours by a fence. Since then, we have been blessed with the presence of many cats and kittens, as the neighbors took it upon themselves to care for the mother and her litter, and some other neighborhood cats caught on and started hanging around. The neighbors managed to get the females spayed and give away a ton of kittens, and the cats from the first litter have found other stomping grounds, but for now, we have about two grown cats, two teenage cats, and two kittens living in our patio, because the neighbors recently moved out of state and we have inherited the responsibility. (We do get visits from the first little and their mother, too.)

Now as for the kittens. There were actually three of them. Okay, so there were five, but the neighbors gave away two before they left. Then one of the more distant neighbors (same complex, but farther away from our unit) randomly showed up in our patio and expressed her opinion that the kittens deserve a home. We agreed. She said she didn't know if we needed help taking them to a shelter, we said we'd rather see if we could get them into homes first because shelters don't always have room, and she left. We intended to look into it more, but we've been kiiiiiinda busy, and I admit, we like to look out the window and see the precious kittens. And then one of the kittens "mysteriously" vanished, and since this same neighbor had removed a kitten from a carrier the day she talked to us (she came into our patio and I opened the door, assuming she was about to knock; we now think she was planning to do nothing of the sort), we're pretty sure the kitten is safe, at least, but we're highly annoyed at our neighbor's apparent dishonesty. She knew they were up for adoption; she could have just asked for one. (In her defense, we still don't know it was her.)

Fast forward to about a week or so ago. Of course we need something to feed all these cats, so we ordered two large bags of catfood, which came in a large box. We figured the cats would like the box (our own Page is not a big box fan, oddly enough), so we left it out for them. Sure enough, they loooooved it. We'd often look outside to see...I think all of them in the box, actually, at the same time. Except maybe for Boots (that's our nickname for him).

Then there was today. I looked out the window at dinner time, and the box had moved. That wasn't so unusual, since it had moved from its original spot under the cats' influence. But this time, it had taken a path that would have gone right through the catfood dish, which remained undisturbed. Well, empty boxes are light; maybe the cats somehow tossed it over the dish.

Then we had to go outside to practice a song for the ward Christmas program, and we noticed our gate was open. Hrrrrrm. A glance at the box told us that humans must have been involved, because now there was a cat bed inside it. I'm really not sure how I feel about this, because it's technically a nice gesture. But now the cats won't all fit in the box, because the cat bed is so bulky, and I'm pretty sure they didn't need the extra warmth, because I had just one cat sleeping on me last night and it was plenty warm. Get six of them in there together, and... Plus it hasn't really been that cold lately. (Some of you may be aware, Southern California has been on fire the last several days.) And most of all, the sneaking around just makes us suspicious. We were relieved to see that both of the remaining kittens were still hanging around.

So I don't know. I'm trying to tell myself they just wanted to do something nice. (Athena says it would have been nicer if they'd left a 15 lbs. (or bigger) bag of cat food by the door.) But it's hard to shake off the annoyance. I'll just keep trying.

Today I'm thankful for at least finishing the one rough draft, having time to write a review (we had some scheduling issues, and when schedules are weird, writing reviews is better than waiting around), song practice going well, getting to talk to friends, and all the sweet things that happened in this volume of Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty.
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