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So last night before we went to bed, Facebook was not providing us with anything interesting to end the night on, so we decided to do the dangerous thing and see if we could find reviews of the manga we translate. Amazon probably would have been the fastest way to go, but then we would have had to choose what we wanted to see reviewed, and it's more fun to let other people choose for us. We checked Manga Bookshelf, and they actually had the November manga review roundup, so we clicked the links to everything that we had translated. They even had a review of the month, which was awarded to a review of Land of the Lustrous volume one. Why? Because apparently it accomplished the "nigh impossible" by actually figuring out what happened in it.

We think the confusion level of Land of the Lustrous volume one has been highly exaggerated, so this was kind of annoying, but we read the review anyway (I mean, of course we did), and we think we figured out the problem! Apparently most people have a hard time telling all the characters apart. Well, that shouldn't be too hard to fix--they all have vastly different hair styles! I was going to write up a guide, but then I realized I have no idea how to describe hairstyles. But if you take a look, you can see for yourself. And if there are two that you just cannot tell apart, let us know and we'll see if we can give you a trick for it. For now, all I can say is each hairstyle is unique, which makes it pretty easy (as opposed to, like Say I Love You, where Nakanishi and Masashi look almost exactly the same).

And now I have another funny story! Back when the My Little Pony movie hit theaters, we went and saw it. There was a Build-A-Bear nearby, so we stopped in and got a Twilight Sparkle plush while we were out and about. Of course, since we have the voice box for Fluttershy, we had to get the one for Twilight, too! So we got the Twilight made and we took her home, and we pressed the voice box...and it didn't work. We tried again and again and again and it still didn't work. We planned to go back and have it replaced, but anyone who's been following along knows that we have not had anywhere near enough free time to do that. So we just had a mute Twilight Sparkle, and that was okay.

Fast forward to tonight. We have the tree all decorated, and we're sitting in the living room reading, and basking in the light of our Christmas tree, and suddenly, out of nowhere, we hear, "I'm Twilight Sparkle." It would have been really creepy if we didn't immediately come up with a theory as to how that could have happened. So it was more of a, "Oh! I guess it works after all!" We think the button on it is sticky, so we pressed it the once, and it got stuck. Tonight it finally unstuck itself, and it was able to actually make a sound. I tried it again and she said something about being organized and ready to go, "Bright and early!" ...But then it got stuck again. So I hope someday before we leave town for the holidays, we get to hear another random phrase from Twilight.

Today I'm thankful for reminders of just how many different hairstyles there can be, having many lovely conversations with people today, finally getting our tree all decorated, Twilight Sparkle having her voice again (sort of), and having some missionaries in the ward who are eager to join the choir.
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