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Falling behind

We are now officially behind. We really wanted to get this manga translation done today so we could dedicate Monday to next week's anime episode, but there just weren't enough hours in the day. But with any luck, next week's anime episode will be a quick translation and we'll get them both done with time to spare! It's just that this volume of Land of the Lustrous is SO darn wordy. Athena is 80% sure that when we do the final word count, this volume will be twice as wordy as any other volume, except maybe volume one. We'll find out when it's finished, but it's definitely got the longest script page-wise, and sooooo much of it is long sentences and/or paragraphs. And we thought King Endymion and his short novels were bad.

Of course, this wouldn't be quite such a problem if we weren't sure Gaston will be coming over for more Disneyland next week. This week, he came down specifically to see the holiday nighttime shows, but both of them were canceled due to the high winds. Even before that, he told us he was trying to decide whether or not he wanted to come next week, and now it's going to be his last chance to see those shows.

On the other hand, we're pretty swamped even without an extra trip to Disneyland, so being behind on Land of the Lustrous is a problem either way. And all the people who want us to take time out to spend with them are like, "But work isn't a factor, because you can do your job anywhere!" And I'm just like, "And how many times have you seen us doing our job when we were supposed to be spending time with people?" Really, I'm more upset at the idea of having to work every waking hour, even while I'm supposedly on vacation and/or visiting with people, than I am about getting to spend time with people. I just wish we could spend time with people and not have to break our brains with overtime just to catch up afterwards.

But that's okay! I think we can handle it! Please pray for us.

Today I'm thankful for making as much progress on Land of the Lustrous as we did, getting to watch the anime of Land of the Lustrous today (we were in denial about work), getting a little bit of extra time thanks to a lack of Welcome to the Ballroom at our usual viewing time, tomorrow being the day of rest, and having some chocolate to look forward to.
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