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In the nick of time

Today was a little extra exciting because the book we thought was due tomorrow turned out to be due at 4pm today. There was a time when that wouldn't have been a problem because we always scheduled work to be done by four, and we were planning to get to it early anyway. But that was back when we had more than one day for the edit. Usually editing a whole book in a day means working overtime.

But! we managed to get it turned in at right about 3:59. Whew! And then, since our lives are pretty much just work work work anyway, we got back to work on the rough draft we failed to finish yesterday, and now we're back on track! But tomorrow we have not one but two plans (a dentist appointment and a church activity), so things are looking a little iffy.

We were looking at things and thinking that if we can get through this week, we might just be able to finish everything this month, if we rush a little. So things were looking like maybe they would be tough but maybe not so tough. And then I remembered that we have another book that we keep forgetting to add to the calendar. Oh well; all we can do is start with the laundry at our feet.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our entire work quota, meeting that four o'clock deadline, having enough time to watch an episode of My Little Pony, exciting developments in Land of the Lustrous, and touching base with old friends.
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