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We finished our work quota early today! It was such a relief! And then we watched an episode of Hozuki and wrote a review, because oh my goodness, we are so far behind on writing reviews. We're catching up, though! Oh, but the constant to-do list is tough. I'm afraid the review we wrote today will be a little tired, because we are a little tired.

When we were done with all that, we watched this week's UQ Holder!, and now the anime has diverged from the manga, so we can't just go read our translations. Okay, so we can still read some things, because even though they switched the story around, they kept some of the dialogue, so we went and checked on that, but anyway, there are some things in the anime subtitles that have us jumping to the worst conclusion about the translator! And it's not even fair of us, because it's basically a pot and kettle thing. Our problem is that we're like, "What, you think you're so much smarter than we are?" And then we go read our translations because we actually do think we're smarter. (If we want to put it more charitably, we just chalk it up to being more experienced.)

So I just want to vent my grievances here, but first point out that this, too, could potentially be just a matter of artistic differences.

Exhibit A: Iaculatio Fulgoris. For some reason, the anime translator insists on spelling it with an I at the beginning, even though we're pretty sure she has the style guide that has it spelled with a J. We don't remember if we were the first translators to deal with Jaculatio Fulgoris. But! Ken Akamatsu uses Js and not Is, as indicated by the pactio cards. For example, Nodoka and Yue's pactio cards clearly list their names as Ajase Jue and Mijazaci Nodoca.

Exhibit B: UQ Holders. This one drives us absolutely nuts, because it comes up every time. We know why the translator did it: UQ (or yuukyuu) means "eternity" and so it stands to reason that the immortals are holders of eternity, and therefore the organization is a group of multiple UQ holders. What bugs us the most is that, when we jump to bad conclusions, we assume she thinks we didn't notice it. But the kanji is right there in the logo; of course we noticed it. But the organization is called UQ Holder (in Japanese/English), and there are certain members of the organization called Numbers (in English, plural just like that). So Akamatsu definitely knew the difference, too. If they were UQ HolderS, he would have called it UQ Holders. So our argument is that the name of the organization is UQ Holder, and therefore whether there is one or multiple holders is irrelevant; the name stays the same. (We could also argue that a "yuukyuu" is "an eternal," or "an immortal," and therefore the organization is the holder of all the yuukyuus.)

...I think that's it. We do shake our heads at translating "munou" to "incompetent idiot," shortened to simply "idiot," instead of using "incompetent" as a noun, which is way more fun (but also longer). But to balance out my complaints, I will once again say that "times 1000" or whatever number is better than "1000-fold," and flash-step is a good translation for shundo (that term was grandfathered in when we took over Negima, so we didn't even bother).

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done for today, having time to write a review, having time to watch UQ Holder, getting to see Laszlo, and finally knowing our plans for tomorrow.
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