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Cats are crazy

But I'm sure you all knew that already.

So whenever we have ice cream, Mimsy will find out and then proceed to stare like a vulture at the people eating ice cream, occasionally licking her lips for emphasis. When the ice cream is vanilla, I figure it's like normal cream, only cold, and old ladies give that to cats in cartoons all the time, so I don't mind sharing with her. The problem is that I get impatient wanting to eat my ice cream while I wait for her to daintily lick the little bit of ice cream off my spoon. And when she's done, she keeps staring at me until I give her more.

Not that I can't handle her staring at me; just that I don't want to be selfish.

So tonight we tried something different. We got out an extra sundae cup and put about a spoonful of ice cream inside it, just for her. But she would have none of that. She insisted that the ice cream come from one of our sundaes, the punk. She seriously would not eat the ice cream we got out specially for her. I did end up sharing a little of my ice cream with her, but not as much as usual. And then Oreo came out and ate most of Mimsy's ice cream, and since he was willing to eat it, he deserved it. But I did feel a little sad for Mimsy, not getting as much. She brought it upon herself though.

Today, our Sunday school teacher decided he wanted to raise class participation. He said he realized that, maybe people are just shy, and that's why they're not participating. So he suggested that if anyone had a comment and was too shy to say it outloud, he had his cell phone, and they could text message him. He didn't write his number on the board, though, because he's only allowed a hundred text messages a month.

The lesson was on the Creation, and so someone texted and asked which came first--the chicken or the egg. Then Athena and I pointed out that, since the fowls of the air and the sea creatures were created the day before the land creatures, that depends on if chickens, being flightless, counted as fowls of the air. And then everyone was like, "That's too complicated." And that's how we realized why we ourselves don't participate in class.

We talked about it some more amongst ourselves after they decided we were too confusing, and decided that, obviously, if everything was created spiritually first, the chicken would have come first anyway, but then we started wondering if it was decided what an animal's reproductive system would be like before going on to the next animal... and then we decided we didn't care anymore.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for intellectual discussion, crazy kitties, cookie crumb ice cream topping, salt, and video game cut scenes.
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