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And something I forgot

We just read Anime News Network's review of the latest episode of Land of the Lustrous, and I'm rampaging here. I'm like, "Chord Shore!? CHORD SHORE!? You didn't even TRY!" (We watched the episode, but we turn off the subtitles, because you can see how we react to them.) In all fairness, I will admit that I probably get a little more worked up because I see people caring about Land of the Lustrous but not our Land of the Lustrous. Recent events have taught us that there are people out there caring about our Land of the Lustrous, but we don't know where to find them, and frankly, I'm not sure I want to. For all we know, they only cared recently because of a missed pronoun... (That's the event that led us to know that people are caring at all.)

Anyway. In other disconcerting news, the suspected catnapper was back this morning, chasing a kitten around. In her defense, one of the kittens seems to have come down with a case of goopy eye (I think in humans it's pink eye, but the kitten's eye is not pink), so she might have been trying to catch it and take it to the vet. I do wish she would knock on the door and talk to us about it; she looked into our patio and saw me at the window. (And the reason we couldn't have gone outside and talked to her? The honest and cowardly reason is that we're afraid of people, but the sort of more legitimate maybe reason is that I was in the middle of brushing my hair for church.) The kitten managed to escape her this time. We're keeping an eye on it in case it looks like we're going to need to take it to the vet. I only wish the kittens' trust in humans hadn't been shattered; that would make it so much easier.

But let's talk about happier things! In all my reporting about DisneySea, I forgot to mention the Halloween costumes we saw! The selection was much the same as at Tokyo Disneyland, but with more Princess Jasmines, and a lot fewer Woodchuck Donald and Daisies. There was also...okay, so we saw a pair of girls dressed as, like, Arabian dancers or something? and there were two of them, and then later we saw four of them, but two of them were wearing the same color, so it was like they multiplied. And as the day went on, the group just kept getting bigger. It was kind of wild.

The best cosplay we saw was when we were walking along the Lost River Delta. There were two groups that were super awesome to the point that I almost asked to take a picture, and if we'd seen them again I would have. The first group was dressed as the Three Caballeros, and oh man, they were so kakko ii. The one dressed as Panchito was leaning against the wall, tipping his sombrero (I don't even know if the cosplayer was male or female), in that classic cool guy pose. Oh man, it was awesome.

The second group appeared to be a mother and her adult (or older teen) daughters, based on the relative ages. The mother was dressed as Maleficent, and the two daughters were Flora and Fauna. They were carrying a Duffy dressed as Merryweather. And their costumes were amazing! The fabric was really nice, and they were well-made and everything (although they went with pink instead of red for Flora; I blame Disney Consumer Products). As we crossed each other's paths, I said something to indicate how much I liked their costumes (maybe just a squeal; I don't remember), and right as we finished passing each other, Maleficent turned back (still walking) and says, as if she finally figured it out, "Ano neko-chan! (Those kitties!)" So we're fairly certain that's at least one more person that got the concept.

There was one other set of cosplayers that we had a run-in with on the American Waterfront. It was two guys, probably teenagers based on how things went down, dressed as Halloween Town version Sora and Goofy. We saw them from a distance, so when we got closer, I said out loud, "Kakko ii!" And then they started giggling. It was adorable. It reminded us of one time when we were still in college, and there was a really hot guy named Tohru working at a pretzel stand outside of It's A Small World. I think we waved to him or something; there was some brief interaction, and then we all looked at each other (it was me and Athena and a friend from high school) and giggled like school girls. Ah, youth. Like the scent of fresh lemon...

And there you have it. Cosplaying at Tokyo Disney Resort is super fun. Maybe next time we'll be brave enough to ask for pictures...but we probably still wouldn't share them online, because that requires even more permission. But at least we'd have them for our own benefit, and the benefit of anyone who visits us.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see some pretty spiffy cosplay at Tokyo Disney Resort, Primary going relatively well today, there being some chocolate at Bread Day, Tohru the Pretzel Dood (it was back in the days when we'd ask all the cast members for their autograph; that's how he signed his), and having Godiva chocolate pudding mix to try later.
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