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Scary work week

Day two of our really scary work week has come to a close, and we once again have successfully reached our quota, but morale is not high. It's not super low, either; it's just not high. We're tired, is what I'm saying.

And today we had to do the most painful thing! Okay, I'm sure there are about a bazillion things more painful than this, but it hurt anyway. One of our bosses emailed with a small but not tiny project...and we had to say no. That's how busy we are. We wanted so badly to say yes! We don't like to disappoint people, and we have no idea if it's hard or not to find people to translate things. But we had to consider our health. We need to sleep, and rest, and do things while we're awake other than work. And I think I had more articulate things to say about this when it was a little fresher on our minds, but it was at the beginning of the day, and now it is the end of the day, which we spent almost all of working.

...We did take a break to watch UQ Holder!. We saw Ken Akamatsu's tweets and he was all, "That's not what happened in the manga!" and then we saw it and we were like, "That's not what happened in the manga!" Well, we'll see how it all goes. I'm just a little sad because they rushed the Fate battle, which means we get less of Fate, and I really like him. Of course, if we get more Gengoro, I might be okay with it.

Tomorrow is the big challenge day. We're going to see if we can complete an entire edit of My Monster Secret in just one day. It seems like it would be hard, because there's so much to edit, but it's not the type of series that requires the most careful wording, as long as everyone's in character and the jokes are funny, and of course there's the fact that most of what we write will be changed anyway, so there's no sense in being overly particular. On the other hand, when I start thinking that way, I immediately go to, "But that's no reason not to give it the care it deserves!" And then it becomes a vicious cycle of dedication and frustration...or something. I'm tired and can't think of the right words right now.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work again, getting to watch UQ Holder! (it was a semi-productive break, because we used the episode to time trips to the laundry room), getting to see a fair amount of Fate this week, getting to watch the Dark Cupid episode of Miraculous again, and getting to play Kingdom Hearts while dinner was in the oven.
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