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Thanks to Waiting for Spring, today turned out to be a lot less doomful than yesterday. We didn't get to work on it for long because of finishing up Hozuki and the need for some recuperation, but we still made a lot of progress! We even almost finished it! And in fact, we had enough time that we probably could have finished it (if we stayed up just a little bit late), but we decided to watch this week's episode of UQ Holder! instead.

This week featured the introduction of Kirie, and you guys, it's really really funny. But of course that means, arrogant snobs that we are, that when the episode was over we pulled out our translations of the manga to reread the dialogue from there. In the anime translator's defense, a lot of the jokes were removed from the anime version, which accounts for much of the increased hilarity. There's also some pretty serious drama with Tota and Chao that got taken out of the anime. It was intense, y'all. So when you're done watching the anime, definitely see about picking up or legally downloading the manga, because it's totally awesome (<--"totally awesome" is a modifier I wish Tota would use in the subtitles more; if you're reading this, anime translator, get on it!).

Oh, all this talk of UQ Holder! made me forget that I wanted to reemphasize that shoujo manga is not difficult by default. Wordy, yes, but difficult, no. Volume four had me reevaluating that opinion, but five is back to normal difficulty level.

Today I'm thankful for Waiting for Spring helping us feel like it's possible to get back on track, getting to see Kirie in UQ Holder!, Ken Akamatsu's live tweets of every episode (we read them even when we haven't seen the episodes, because we've already read the manga, so we don't have to worry about spoilers), close-ish kitten encounters (it was so cute; I saw it outside at the water dish, so I tapped on the window to get its attention, and it looked around forever until it saw me, and then it watched me for a while like it didn't know what to do, and then it jumped up and ran to the kittens' usual hiding place; I think their close encounters with our kitten-napping neighbors really made them wary), and finishing that episode of Hozuki.
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