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More Japan trip reporting!

I still think it's so cute how I'll take a CD from the CD drive, and Page will be on the alert to watch me put a new one in. She just seems so fascinated by the disc holder moving in and out.

But anyway, it's that time again! Time to talk about our Japan trip! This may or may not be the last one of these reports. We shall see.

We had just gone on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, where Athena did a bad thing and got up to change her seat at just the time when the vehicle lurched forward. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. It was just a kind of, "Whoa!" thing.

Anyway, after that, we got some potato churros, which tasted a little different this time. We think there was more soy flavoring than before. We decided not to go into King Triton's Kingdom, which is what we usually do, because what also usually happens is that we end up spending a long time down there and come back and it's centuries later and all our friends have died and... Wait, that's someone else. But it almost kind of feels that way. We start panicking about how we're wasting daylight and then get super eager to leave. So we decided to skip that kind of panicking, only to discover later that there is no escape; it is bound to happen eventually, so we might as well get it over with, because thinking about it, I feel like we usually do actually have a ton of time left when we actually get out.

So anyway, we think we did go on the Scuttle Scooter, though, because there was no line so we didn't have to worry about wasting daylight, and because we love that ride! And then we kept going to the Arabian Coast, where we found a couple looking at their map and their phones in an attitude of trying to figure things out, and speaking English. So we asked if they needed directions, and they were hoping they could find a wifi spot so they could use their phones to help them find their way around. We never had smartphones at...well at any Disney park, because we still don't have smartphones, so we had no idea if wifi was a thing at Tokyo Disneyland. (Cecille had a smartphone the one time, but she was just letting us drag her everywhere, so she didn't use it for directions or anything.)

But that's okay, because we could ask a cast member! So we did, and we discovered that there is in fact no wifi at DisneySea. If that's a problem for you, please, enjoy some other place that does have wifi! (Sorry; I still want DisneySea to be our secret spot.) The cast member was very apologetic, but I was like, "Whatever, I don't need wifi; I was asking for them." (I didn't actually say that. What I said was, "Oh, that's okay!")

The couple said they were trying to find the Toy Story ride to kill time before their fastpasses for Journey to the Center of the Earth. That was going to be a difficult thing to do, because Toy Story was on the other side of the park (like totally opposite corners), and it tends to have a long line, so we suggested that since we were in the area, why don't they go on our favorite ride of all time? And we took them on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage with us, and we let them sit in front. They were like, "Oh, no, you can sit in front!", and we were like, "No, seriously, believe us, this is not the first time we've been on the ride, and it won't even be the last time today." We also made sure to get them the lyrics in English. They didn't seem as enchanted by it as we tend to be, but I think they at least liked it.

After that, we were having some wardrobe malfunctions (nothing scandalous; we were just using the pins we had won as consolation prizes the previous day in place of the safety pins we usually use to make sure the costumes stay on the way we want, and they had a nasty habit of falling off, which was especially bad because we did NOT want to lose these pins), so we parted ways with our new friends as they went to find Journey to the Center of the Earth and we went to find some place that sold tape. Only we immediately gave up on that quest in favor of going on the Caravan Carousel.

Then we headed to the Lost River Delta to get fastpasses for Indiana Jones, and we realized how much fastpasses can kill you at DisneySea, because oh my goodness all the walking. So you get a fastpass, and then you take a boat to the other side of the park, and then you have to walk all the way back in time to use the fastpass, and in the meantime, nothing works well with the times for any of the shows, and it's like what am I even doing. So we eventually decided that the smart plan would be to watch the shows, because they always stop at about seven, and the rides are there until closing.

But before that, I noticed the steamliner, and I thought hey, I want to go on this in the daytime (which we haven't done before), and I want to get on at the Lost River Delta because then we should get to go through Mysterious Island, and I desperately want to ride the steamliner through Mysterious Island. As you might have guessed by my use of the present tense, that dream has yet to be achieved. It was bad timing, which I'll get into later, but first I want to mention how today all the cast members at the Lost River Delta were remembering to say Adios, Amigos, and that made me very happy. As for the bad timing, we realized something was amiss when the boat went forward...and then made a u-turn. It was pretty cool that it can do that, but I was like, "NOOOO!!!

As we got close to the other stop on the American Water Front, we discovered what the problem was: the super special Halloween show was going on. It looked like some pretty darn cool stuff was happening, but the steamliner would have had to go through it if it were to take the Mysterious Island route. Fortunately for us and our viewing, there would be two more shows later.

Now that we were in the American Water Front, our very important goal was to find...okay, so the American Water Front's Halloween decorations mainly consisted of banners hanging from all the street lights, each with a different very obscure Disney villain. They had the Horned King! And Sykes! We knew about these from last year, which is why we knew it was just where we wanted to take our cosplay selfie. You may recall we were dressed as Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp. We found their banner and then waited until we saw a cast member wandering near enough that we could grab them and ask them to take a picture. Part of our reasoning for this is that we were bound and determined that at least one cast member would definitely get the concept of our costumes. The girl at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea already made this a reality, but we still wanted the picture, and we couldn't very well take it ourselves. We did manage to get a selfie at Chip and Dale's house, but this time we needed to make sure the banner was in it, and our arms aren't long enough to do that. So we got a cast member, and after he took the picture, he was like, "Oh, you're the same!" So our plan worked!

After that, we noticed some ominous villain silhouettes in the park-like area, so we went to look around and get pictures of them...and stumbled across a mini-show! We came into it partway through, so we really don't know exactly what the premise was, but there were a bunch of people who were somehow related to the Disney villains (Athena said a description of one of the shows said something about learning how to be villains, so this might have been that one), like there was Poison Apple and Jack of Hearts, and two more that we are kind of clueless on. The one guy looked like a Dr. Facilier wannabe? But I kind of got the feeling he was associated with a different villain. There were very few obvious-to-me clues (other than his outfit, which would have been Facilier). And a woman who was dressed like a secretary. For some reason I associate her with Ursula, but I have absolutely no idea why. I feel like the Wicked Queen makes a little more sense, but they already had Poison Apple (or Apple Poison? I don't remember).

All I can really tell you is that as we walked up, they were explaining all the gestures that go with each of the villains. I can't really describe them except for Jack's, which was to put your hands together to make a heart shape. And then once we knew all the actions, the MC (which was either the Facilier wannabe or the secretary; they took turns) would chant names rhythmically, and we'd all do the gesture, so it was kind of like a memory game, and it was a lot of fun. And at the end of each set, they'd go, "Happy...Villains!" and "happy" and "villains" each had their own gesture, too. Then they called up a couple of girls from the audience to learn...something about being a villain, which I don't remember but might have pictures of (probably not; but I do have pictures of each of the villains).

...Okay, I remember the Facilier wannabe's name was Boo, so maybe he was with Dr. Facilier, because he has friends from the other side, who would be ghosts, who say boo? I don't know. It sort of makes sense.

Anyway, next, they had Apple teach us a gesture to represent "mina-san," which means "everyone" but in a, "all of you here watching us" kind of sense. This gesture was also the best, because you pantomimed using a pickax and said "heigh-ho!" But the rhythm for "heigh-ho" was different than you'd expect if you speak English (the emphasis was on the "heigh" instead of the "ho"), and it was really neat. Then they did the game where they chant all the names again, only they included "mina-san," and it was extra fun! And oh my goodness, I'm so bad at these games, but I love them!

And then they had a conclusion. I'm afraid we couldn't register a lot of the show in our memories, because we were in the back and straining to see, which was even harder because of the position of the sun, and we were tired and it was all in Japanese and it was the last day of our trip. Excuses, excuses, I know. But nothing I do will bring those memories back! ...Okay, maybe hypnosis or something, but that just seems like it could open up all kinds of wrongness.

Anyway, the show concluded and we all dispersed. We wanted to head back to the other side of the park, either to use our fastpasses or to see Out of Shadowland; I don't remember which, but the point is, on the way there we got some gelato! They had a special Gelatoni flavor that was chocolate and caramel gelato with some kind of tropical syrup and a cookie and probably cornflakes because there's always cornflakes. It was yummy, but the fruity syrup kind of threw us off, because usually in our world, when you have chocolate and caramel, you don't throw random fruit into the mix. But once we determined it was a fruit and not some weird poison, we were more okay with it.

So we went back to the Lost River Delta (I consulted my pictures for reference), we probably went on Indiana Jones, and of course we watched Out of Shadowland!!!! Ah, how we love that show. We got SO much sunscreen in our eyes, it was uncanny, especially because we didn't even think to put any sunscreen on that morning. I think we were feeling extra like Mei that day somehow, when she was like, "I'm cold and alone and nobody cares. They might never come find me." And from there we just cried and cried the whole show. It's really a beautiful show. They did change some things from the first time we saw it, though. Like when they stop and the leader says, "So what are the things we need to learn?" and they listed, "Consideration, imagination, and courage!" They just had him talking about how some other campers were telling stories about some shadow bird and if you happen to see one, something good may or may not happen. They also took out Yu's line about, "If you never do anything, you'll never fail. But you'll never succeed, either." So that bummed us out, but not too much because we didn't notice it until afterward when we were thinking back and being like, "Hey, I don't remember him saying that!" ...So maybe he actually did and somehow we missed it through all the sunscreen. That would be happy, because I love that line.

Then we decided it was time to go to Mermaid Lagoon. We did all the usual things there. We always have to go on Jumpin' Jellyfish, because Sebastian says it in the movie! We're not sure we've ever been on the blowfish ride. We may have to fix that next time. And of course we bought some sea salt ice cream! Only we didn't actually, because a communication error led to us getting tiramisu ice cream sandwiches instead. That was on the receipt, so we decided not to worry about exchanging it, especially because the cast member was dealing with other guests by then, so we got to try some new ice cream! ...And we decided we didn't like it that much. But I'm glad we got to try it. The main other thing I remember from this time is that there were a couple of girls going around as peasant Belle and Ariel.

Then it was time to watch the Halloween show, Welcome to the Villains' World. Oh my goodness, you guys, this show. I'm not even sure what I think about it. Like half of the music was singers whispering, "Welcome to the villains' world," and that got to be kind of monotonous and annoying, but the rest of it! Was totally amazing! I wanted to buy the CD because it would have pictures, but then Athena pointed out that the music wasn't that good and I was like, "Yeah." On the other hand, it would have had Hades rapping in Japanese, so maybe that was a missed opportunity. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's what happened: First, a brief review of how the big DisneySea shows always go. First they bring out a bunch of barges all pageant-like (literally, they are "floats"), and the floats have characters on them, and they have three different seating areas where they also have dancers come along so there's some action that's not a million miles away on the ocean. For this show, they had Mickey, Pluto, and Captain Hook on the first float; there was a float with Minnie and the Wicked Queen; Donald, Chip, and Dale were on Hades's float with Pain and Panic; Goofy was with Jafar; and Clarice (that's Chip and Dale's...not girlfriend, the girl they fight over) was with Maleficent. Naturally each of the barges was done up to match the theme of the villain riding it, and Mickey and all his friends were dressed up to match the villains on their float.

And basically what happened was each of the villains took turns showing off how awesome they were. It started with Captain Hook and the Wicked Queen, who signaled to their minions and then a bunch of dancers came out wearing costumes appropriate to the villain they served and did some really cool dancing. This is one of the things I love about Tokyo Disney Resort shows--lots of cool dance numbers with appropriate costumes. So the Wicked Queen's minions were dressed in medieval-inspired dresses, and of course Captain Hook's crew was a bunch of pirates. Next was Hades, who summoned a bunch of creatures from the Underworld, and oh my gosh, you guys, those costumes were so cool. So freakin' cool. And, as previously mentioned, he rapped. We didn't really catch what the lyrics meant; we were too busy staring in awe at everything.

Then Jafar was all like, "Yeah, whatever. Let me show you how it's done." So he started doing magic, and! and! AND! he made the volcano erupt! You guys!! He made the volcano erupt!!! (I mean obviously it was some sort of stage trick, but you have to admit that's awesome.) And then, because the point was to show Mickey and Friends what it was like in the villains' world, he let Goofy do some magic, too. So Goofy shot off some fireworks, and he was like, "Whoa, that's power." Fortunately Goofy is not the type to get carried away with that sort of thing. Man, if Donald were with Jafar...we would be in trouble.

Also, Jafar had some acrobatic dancers, so he really went all out for this show. But Maleficent was like, "Please. Is that the best you can do?" And then you hear singing...and Daisy comes out on Maleficent's float! She says something about how obviously you have to have a diva singer. And then! the float sprouts tentacles and there's Ursula! And she summons all of her minions, who are also octopus ladies with amazing costumes, and they do some more dancing. (Daisy was also dressed like Ursula.)

But you probably all noticed that Maleficent hasn't gone yet. Of course Maleficent is the finale! I think she shot off some fireworks, too. She did her thing, and then all these briers grew out of the ocean! And they were gigantic! Like those floppy inflatable guys that are dancing outside used car dealerships...only with thorns! And! AND! Oh my gosh, you guys, AND AND AND!!! Her minions!! She only had like two or three, but they were these guys!! With water jet shoes or something! And they were flying over the water!!! And the hoses that fueled their water jets had briers on them, too, because they were part of the whole brier thing. It was amazing!

And then Mickey and his friends all got off the barges and they had like a post mortem where they all discussed what it felt like to be part of the villains' world for the day. And I remember that that's what they were talking about, but I don't remember what they said. But we got a good look at all their costumes, which was really the important part. Then there was a little finale and they all got on their barges and floated away. The end.

After some quick evaluation, we have determined that we do have enough more stories to tell that we might as well save the rest of them for next time we have enough time to report. So stay tuned!

Today I'm thankful for our Primary program going really well today, the neat villains shows they had going on at DisneySea, the super delicious ice cream sandwiches the Primary president brought the kids as a post-program treat, having some cute little lasagnas to try for dinner tonight, and it turning out that I have a ton of pretty good pictures from that Villains' World show.
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