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Free time? What's that?

It was so weird, we finished doing all the stuff on our to-do list, and we actually had the rest of the evening free. We had no idea what to do with ourselves. We thought maybe we could actually watch the Noragami play we bought the Blu-ray of while we were in Japan, but our PS3 is grumpy with us for not using it in such a long time or something, because it keeps telling us it needs encryption codes and software updates. It doesn't have wireless internet, either, so we can't fix it until we find a cable.

So we watched the rest of Dive! instead, and then we still had time, so I remembered that oh yeah, we bought a Princess Principal CD while we were in Japan, so we listened to that. It was really good; I recommend it!

But let's talk about something else. The Amesisters were on Land of the Lustrous today! And we didn't really like how they were portrayed.

First, they did the staging really weird when Yellow Diamond and Phos went to talk to them, because at first there was only the one Amethyst, which was how it was in the manga, so that was fine, except that because of the staging and the fact that you could see so much of the background and that there was wide open space for miles around with no other characters to be seen, they did a weird thing where they showed a reflection in the pond and the other Amethyst came out like she was somehow conjured by the reflection, and that, while visually interesting, was kind of really annoying to us as twins. Like what, she doesn't exist until summoned? Ugh.

Second, we were kind of bummed at how low-energy the Amesisters were. We loved it in the manga when they would let out little shrieks every time something caught their attention, and how it freaked Phos out, partially because it's funny in and of itself, but also because we ourselves have done that to many people. Like, I'd drop a pencil and yelp from the surprise of it, and everybody would be like, "Whoa, what's wrong!?" But the "Ah!" that Amethyst and Amethyst were doing in the anime just didn't seem that startling to me. It can probably be explained by saying that Phos was on super hyper ultra high alert, and therefore jumping at everything, but they established with Yellow earlier on that the Amesisters just do things that freak people out in general, not just when they're already on edge. Also, I think it would have been cuter, and as adorable twins, we like to see twins being adorable. It seems like the anime version was going more for creepy twins, and I just feel that's numeralist somehow...

On the other hand, maybe that's what Haruko Ichikawa was going for in the manga, too, and the whole thing was based on her preferences. So I guess we'll just have to interpret it the way we want when we read the manga (fortunately, the dialogue is the same regardless of energy level, so it shouldn't affect our translations), and let the anime people do their own thing. Because seriously, what are we going to do to stop them? Exactly.

Today I'm thankful for having an evening free, getting to listen to our Princess Principal CD, having more breathing room in the living room (Athena's to-do list involved some organizing), Page being super cute as usual, and the super cute stand-up Bananya plush we have on our desk right now.
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