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More productivity

More productivity, that's what we're all about lately. We did a whole first draft of Waiting for Spring, which is impressive because that's one of the more talkative series, and we got a late start because I had an orthodontist appointment. I have now made it to the most obnoxious part of the process, which involves rubber bands keeping my mouth shut. I wanted to go home and go right to sleep, it made me so tired, but we had work to do. And then I adjusted and it's fine now, especially because it's almost bedtime. And we got to have a Freschetta, play Kingdom Hearts, and watch Miraculous (again; we didn't know what to watch while we ate dinner, and we thought, you know, I wouldn't mind watching Miraculous again).

And to top it all off, we even got some work done on the Big Project. It still seems impossible to get it in by our deadline on top of everything else, but maybe if this keeps up, the impossible will become possible.

Oh! And in other news! As we were walking to the dentist, oh my goodness, the roads were so backed up. We can only think it was people on their way to Disneyland. I mean, it's a holiday, it's the first day of all the holiday stuff they're doing, and there's a runDisney thing going on this weekend. We thought about going on to Facebook and telling all our annual passholder friends to save themselves and stay far, far away. We're seriously considering not renewing this year, but that would put a major damper on our relationships with Gaston and Farley. These are our struggles.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft, yummy Freschetta pizza, not being at Disneyland today, getting a YumeTwins box, and it being almost bedtime (and getting to sleep in tomorrow).
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