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Butch Hartman makes it all better. He came on during the commercial break for Danny Phantom and showed us how to draw Danny! Eeee!

But then we needed to buy catfood. And that... probably wasn't actually that bad, but man it was annoying. I really do wonder why Mom just doesn't talk to us. I guess it could be that we don't talk to her. I want to say that the reason we don't talk to Mom is that we learned long ago that talking to her only causes pain, but I'm sure that's not really the case.

I guess I just wish we had the kind of Mom who would actually help us when we're completely out of money, instead of telling us that we over specialized and we have to go work for the IRS, which we can't do anyway because we have no way to get there. Although Mom would argue that we could take the bus, or that we should have learned to drive, which really wouldn't do us any good at this point, as there's no way we can afford insurance.

It's very difficult to be nice to these people. And then I try to do the right thing anyway, but since my heart's not in it, when they ask me why, for example, I only gave Mom Sarah's Christmas money from Dad and not Sarah's birthday money from Grandma (all of Sarah's cards from the Nibley family get sent to us, and I had the Christmas money on hand but the birthday money was still in our apartment), I get a little annoyed. Dude, the birthday money was only $16. But anyway, then I start acting annoyed, and I hope that they'll notice that I'm upset and maybe try to make me not upset.

And then I remember that they'll think it's just that I have issues and am a selfish brat, and the only way to even hope to change that opinion is to be as sweet and nice to them as humanly possible. (I was going to say "be as nice as I can," but we've already gone over that that's not very nice.) And then I want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly and start crying.

On the other hand, when Mom's not involved, I tend to be a little too nice, which is why Oreo is still hiding from the Jehovah's Witnesses who came by this morning during Fairly OddParents. They first came by last month (somehow always during Fairly OddParents), and it's really not that much of an inconvenience to at least let them say what they have to say, so I just listen. The problem is they have yet to ask me what I think, and I'm always too distracted by wanting to get back to Fairly OddParents to interject. I just think it would be interesting to have a theological discussion with missionaries from another faith. I'm kind of slow, though, so it might not turn out so well.

But now we can predict when they'll be coming next, and at the very least have a Book of Mormon ready to give them, which they'll probably just throw away or something. I wonder what would happen if, as Athena suggests, we have some missionaries over at the time.

Oh! And sorry about the random EyeShield21 comment. I just had to say something. If you want us to stop doing that, pudges, just say the word.
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