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Today was a day of slacking off. But not really, because we ended up working all day, too. Only not, because we kept taking long breaks. See, we usually do all our work first, so we can have a big chunk of time for relaxing when we're done. But we've gone for so long without any free time at all, that we decided to kind of blow off that routine.

So when we checked Facebook after lunch and Sentai had posted that the new UQ Holder! was up, we were like, "We could just go watch it." So we did. And then we were like, "I'm pretty sure our translations were more interesting than this," because we're snobs, so we pulled up our translations of the chapters that covered that episode (there were like ten of them; the anime is going so fast!) and laughed and laughed and laughed at our own jokes. We should point out, though, that it looks like the translator on the anime is new, and for that the translations seem pretty good. I'll even point out that I like using "times X" more than "X fold" when Tota is using his gravity blade.

Then at dinner, we watched Miraculous, and we happened to be on the episode that told the origin story...but it was a two-parter! So we just...watched the next one, instead of saving it for tomorrow and getting to work like responsible people. And it was so cute and so sweet, but it also made me sad because I want friends like Adrien does, so that made me want to check the mail in the hopes that there would be something happy and friendly. (We've been getting emails from editors lately, and they're all, "Great work! Can I get you to change this?" And we appreciate that they're nice about it, and we know they have to contact us to let us know about the changes, and that's fine. But it just feels like that's the only kind of contact we have with the outside world lately, and it's bumming us out. But don't mind us; we're just in a mood.)

As it so happens! we did have an envelope full of books to translate! And that's always very exciting! And there was a No Make No Life box, which we haven't taken the time to open yet, but we're hoping it has some facewash, because we're out and we're broke and facewash is expensive. At any rate, it's sure to have something shiny (that we probably won't actually use)!

Speaking of Miraculous and makeup, we looked up the French cast and discovered that Marinette is played by the French dub voice of Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Crystal! I'm actually not sure how I feel about that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new UQ Holder, having some fun stuff in the mail, finally getting to see the Ladybug & Cat Noir origin story, having an extra Freschetta pizza for the inevitable day this week when we're just tired of the world, and getting to see a whole clowder of cats in our patio today.
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