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Ugh, the book we've been working on the last few days was ridiculously hard. The annoying thing is actually wasn't hard, but for some reason it was just taking forever. We'd be working away, feeling like we were making good progress, and then we'd see how much progress we'd actually made, and the despair... It got to be like walking through quicksand. The four+ pages of notes probably had a lot to do with it...but they weren't really a thing for the first draft, so I don't know.

That being the case, we are very tired now. We're hoping to work on something much lighter tomorrow, but it kind of depends on what our editor says about pushing the other option back a few days. At least the other option's a fun one, too.

Today I'm thankful for finishing today's translation, the weather being significantly cooler, Page reminding us how very adorable sleeping kitties can be, having toy sharks to help us rar about things, and it being bedtime.
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