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California fall

Oh man, the heat is so intense! There was one sight predicting a high of 108 today! We think, fortunately, that it did not get that high. We had to go out in it, too, so we could check the mail for the books we've been waiting for. And of course when we got to the mailbox, the mailman was there delivering mail, so we came back to our apartment to try again later (we couldn't just forget about it, because the books were the ones we wanted to start on today), and two teenage kittens had gotten settled just behind our gate so we couldn't open it without disturbing them. And we didn't want to disturb them because it was bad enough for them being stuck out in the heat with fur coats. So we found a bench and sat there for a while until we decided it was safe to check the mail again. It was a windy morning, so at least the breeze kept us cool enough.

But of course the books didn't come today, so we had to go get the first one from Book Walker. Le sigh. And we worked and worked and worked and still didn't finish it. But instead of working until bedtime, we decided to write a review for Fire Force, and now we're up late anyway. Le sigh again.

Today I'm thankful for having working cooling appliances, getting to cross Fire Force off our current list, the cats still seeming to survive the heat, the super cute Valentine's episode of Miraculous, and the hope of one day getting through all this work.
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