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Alethea & Athena
Feeling hot hot hot 
23rd-Oct-2017 09:26 pm
We're melting, melllltiiing... What a world, what a world...

What I'm saying is, it's hot today. We had a high of 106. Actually, our apartment is pretty good about staying relatively cool and we have a high heat tolerance, so it wasn't so bad (because we were smart enough to close the windows before the hot outside air could come in). Even when it got bad at about dinner time and we were still working, it was just a little uncomfortable (and exacerbated by working). But! we finished our work quota for the day...mostly. We still have a little bit left, but we decided not to do that in favor of watching UQ Holder!.

We're trying not to be too snobby about the translation, but I just want to whine about a stylistic choice that we disagree with, which is the practice of translating the name of the organization, which is UQ Holder, to "the UQ Holders." I mean, of course UQ is actually Japanese for "eternity" and the immortals are "holders of eternity," so it's a group of many UQ Holders, but the name of the group is UQ Holder. On the other hand, it really is just a stylistic choice, so agreeing to disagree is a perfectly valid option.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch UQ Holder!, finishing our episode of Hozuki (it's a pretty funny one this week, but so many songs...), managing to survive the heat today (it's supposed to go on for a couple more days), getting reassigned Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, and shipping confirmation for our renewed Sailor Moon fan club membership.
25th-Oct-2017 01:12 am (UTC)
Would any good come of my telling you that the furnace had turned on this morning when I got up? It was about 60ºF inside, and the second straight day of cold grey rain...

Oh, you got a series back from the digital branch! Hooray!! ((...I wish the same would happen with the Robico-manga...))
25th-Oct-2017 04:24 am (UTC)
No, because I read the word "furnace" and feel extra heat. It may or may not help alleviate fears about global climate change, though.

Yes, we did! With all of our busyness, we weren't sure if it was really a good idea to agree to do it, but we have a slightly lighter schedule next month, we know the series shouldn't be super time-consuming, and we thought we were going to get to do it sooner. (If I had any idea why this were happening, I might be able to tell you the likelihood of that, but sadly I do not.)
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