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We finished our work for the week! Huzzah!!! We even had time to write a review! ...Okay, so technically we stayed up a little late to write it, but the point is it's written and it's only a little late and not super late.

Since they changed the dates on Daylight Saving Time, I keep forgetting when it starts and stops anymore, and I was like, "It's the fourth weekend in October, right?" No, it's the first weekend in November! And that means it's going to keep going an extra week, because there's five weekends in October this year! Guys, I like Daylight Saving Time, but there's a thing called balance. Let's only have it for six months, okay? I mean, most people are inside on their computers and/or phones all the time anyway, so what difference does it make?

Anyway, the point is, the sun is not quite up when we wake up these days, and that makes us extra grumpy. So we might have our own personal fall back to Standard Time starting this week, just so we can get up after the sun. I was going to say, "We'll see," but I think it's pretty much decided.

Oh, and here's a random-ish thing. Apparently we forgot to decline the featured film from the Disney Movie Club when it was a Guardians of the Galaxy double feature. So now we have both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We didn't see Vol.2 when it was in theaters because we were done with movies by then, and we didn't buy the first one because we didn't like it that much (not liking movies is a big part of why we're done with them), but now that we have both of them on Blu-ray, I kind of want to see them. It's another one of those, "Everybody loves them and I remember some funny jokes from the first one and Chris Pratt is kind of awesome, so they must be at least a little entertaining, right?" along with, "We're missing out on something that everybody else knows about!" things. But when will we ever have time to watch two movies that we probably won't like that much?

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation quota for the week, Snicker's ice cream bars being on sale, having one less review to write (I know we don't have to write them, but if nothing else, I enjoy reading them later), having some new movies to look forward to watching sometime in the unspecified future (even knowing I might not like it, I still look forward to watching movies), and remembering that we still have some neat souvenirs from Japan to check out.
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