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Oh, how I love my cheeses~ Cheese~ From around the world~

It's definitely a nice change of pace to work on +ANIMA. We're more than halfway done with it already. And Husky and Senri are as adorable as ever♥ Nana and Cooro, too, of course. We totally want to cosplay this series. The costumes are so cute! At least, they are in our opinion, which really probably doesn't mean much.

According to Cartoon Network, today is National Cheese Day. And sadly, we have no macaroni and cheese to eat tonight. It's especially sad considering that they'll be showing the episode of Foster's with Mac and Cheese. And Sarah's not coming online for us to ask her to drive us to the store *pout*

On the bright side, Teen Titans reminded us of a good word to describe Steve, but, since it's in Tameranian, I don't know how to spell it. Except that then we got into a debate about it, so we looked it up at IMDb, and it's klorbag varblernelk. Tadah! I really do wonder if the Tameranian language is based on a real one, or if it's just weird sounds put together.

Aaaand Celeste just called me asking a random question about Shakespeare that she apparently already knew the answer too. Weird.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for Tameranians, +ANIMA, IMDb, no longer having to go to the post office, and telephones.
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