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Alethea & Athena
We need another vacation 
16th-Oct-2017 08:42 pm
Today turned out to be far less strenuous than we thought it would be, but we still didn't get any work done! It started out with a trip to Disneyland with Gaston and Alice, but since they'd gone last night and Alice had to get back home in time to go to work tomorrow, we left the park fairly early, and we probably would have had plenty of time to get to work. But we didn't because, despite not being at Disneyland all day, we were still tired. It was kind of a weird tired, where we seemed to be functioning properly, but when we tried to do thinky things later, it wasn't working so much.

Fortunately(?), Athena had a headache, which was a clear signal that it was okay to rest. This is why we didn't realize until later that brain functions were not at optimum levels--instead of trying to work, we watched a couple episodes of Netflix's Series of Unfortunate Events. Later we watched an episode of Hozuki to prepare for translating it, and I realized partway through that I had no idea what was going on. My brain was just not processing anything. So we watched Land of the Lustrous and UQ Holder! (Gengoro's debut! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!), and now we are going to bed early.

Today I'm thankful for a nice relaxing day, getting to hang out with friends and sing happy birthday to Farley, getting to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, getting to play Kingdom Hearts while waiting for our dinner to cook, and the super cute spherical corgi plush that came in our YumeTwins box.
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