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The work goes on

I want to explain how busy we are by telling people this is our schedule:
Wake up, eat breakfast, do morning routine
Get to work
Eat lunch
Get to work
Eat a snack
Get to work
Take short break for Kingdom Hearts while dinner cooks, eat dinner
Get back to work
Go to bed

The trouble with that is it's not entirely true. We've gotten a late start every day this week...except for Tuesday, when we stopped way early. Today's late start was brought to us by the orthodontist! And that wouldn't have been such a problem if it hadn't come after so many other work interruptions, but we couldn't have known that would be the case when I made the appointment a month ago. And then we took a little extra time to wait for Joe's Italian Ice to open and then to get some ice before we went home and got to work. And of course, we're taking time to write this post, so.

That all being the case, maybe our future schedule isn't as bleak as it seems. Like, maybe we won't end up working until after our bedtime every night. You know, after we've gotten all the Disneyland trips out of the way. I'm really glad I like my job.

Today I'm thankful for the dentist appointment going well, finishing our work quota for the day, having plans to sleep in tomorrow even though we still need to work a lot (we need the sleep more), our little sister giving us the tip to watch Miraculous (we watch one TV show during dinner; always one episode only), and being done with work for the day.
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