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So much for restoring order.

When we turned in our translation today, we made the mistake of asking when the next CLAMP no Kiseki deadline is, and so it's before the +ANIMA deadline. But! Since we don't have the book for CLAMP yet, we decided to work on +ANIMA anyway while we wait for it, because we like it so much. Just translating the summary of the story so far (which actually took us a whole CD, but we were chatting at the same time), we were like, "I love this series♥!"

I totally want to make a Husky icon, but we don't want to look for pictures for fear of accidental spoiling. Maybe Senri would be better, since he's got our birthday, but he seems to have even more spoiler potential than Husky. Ah well. Eventually.

I really want them to animate this series and cast Akira Ishida as Husky, and I'm probably going to say that every time I start talking about this series. I just look at him and hear Ishida-san's voice, even before I remember that in my head, I cast Ishida-san long ago.

But alas, now we don't have time for a whole CD before Danny Phantom, so +ANIMA will have to wait... unless we put in a CD single.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for Rice Krispies, peanut-butter squares, having things in stock (like Rice Krispies and peanut butter), micro-suede, and AIM.
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