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It's gonna be a looong month

Well, I think we're making good progress. We just about finished a book that's not due for another week! ...It's just that we have about four to five other books that are due about a week after that. It's very exciting, in a Bambi sort of way. But I really like all of them...well, maybe not all of them, since one of them is new so we don't know yet, but the point is it's not all doom and despair. Just a lot of not doing anything except work for a very long time, unless we have fun extra things to do like go to the dentist and entertain Gaston at Disneyland. But Alice is coming with him next week, so I can't be too much like, "Seriously, you need to go again?"

I understand why it's all happening; it just doesn't make me any less tired. That's the most exciting thing of all--through this whole process, we can't find any place to catch up on sleep. Except for Saturday mornings, but we have to work Saturdays, too, and go to the grocery store. But they did just reorganize our stake, and now our ward meets an hour later, so we could maybe get more sleep on Sundays. And we still take short Kingdom Hearts breaks while dinner is cooking, so it's not all work all the time.

I need to go to sleep. Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, having a new fun show to watch at dinner time, getting to try the new cookie sundaes at the Golden Horseshoe (less ice cream for a higher price! the cookie is really good, at least, but in the future, if anything, we will only buy the cookie), Page being her usual adorable self, and it being time to stop working for the day.
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