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Waiting for Spring volume 2

All I can say about our abrupt disappearance is that our schedule is still a kaboom. We thought we could keep it under control, but then we didn't have the materials we needed for the most urgent one (the anime), so we did the best we could, but instead of working on the next most urgent thing, we did research for the anime, and now we're faced with those consequences. We were also distracted by the wildfire in the nearby mountains. We're fine, but we wanted to make sure to stay up to date re: evacuation warnings, and sometimes we wanted to get up to look at the sky, or see if the neighborhood cats needed help... on the bright side, by which I mean at least there's an amusing(?) image that goes with all this, we were surrounded by massive clouds of orange smoke (the wind blew all the smoke from the fire right on top of us; you may have seen some pictures of Disneyland), so it was like we were maybe in hell while watching the anime about hell.

We don't really have time for anything, but we're going to post a review anyway! This week we bring you Waiting for Spring volume 2! Spoiler level: moderate?

We should probably be working on Kabukibu! right now, but they took extra long to get us this week's episode, and that meant we finished Waiting for Spring instead, and for the sake of improving morale, it would be really nice to cross it off our work list. So we're writing a review instead! Tadah!

We had mixed feelings about this volume, because we were waiting for something that we may or may not have just been getting our hopes up about, so we could really relate with Mitsuki in that sense, but on the other hand, it reminded us that we were getting our hopes up about something, and when you're trying not to get your hopes up, it's usually best to distract yourself from it, not make yourself think about it more. And even though we just read through the whole thing again, I feel like I don't remember what happened in it. Athena says, "It's low-key like that."

Let's start at the beginning. Mitsuki just found out that her best female friend from grade school is actually male! Shock! Our theory is that, by the time Aya had a chance to say something, he'd figured out that there were certain perks to Mitsuki thinking he was a girl, so he decided not to bring it up. One of the first things he says to her on their reunion is to express his surprise that she has a boyfriend, so our other theory (to go along with the first one) is that he planned to come back as a basketball star, reveal his true identity, and confess his love to her. Athena says that even if Mitsuki didn't have another boy she was interested in, she (Athena) doesn't see that going well. And based on how Mitsuki acts around grownup Aya, she's almost certainly right. (Not that she doesn't think he wasn't planning that; just that she doesn't think it would have worked.)

So now Towa is all sulky about what happened, and oh my goodness, when the guys were teasing Mitsuki about Aya! That was just so... Oh man, you guys. I think I was mostly with Kyosuke on that one. Like, "Come on, stop it...but this is hilarious, so..." And it actually wasn't too hard to translate, either, fortunately. In fact, I think the hardest part about it was figuring out how to spell it so it wouldn't be too confusing to the readers. I'm not sure we succeeded, but that's our editor's problem. (Sorry, editor! We did try.) And fortunately, Towa gets some sense knocked into him when Mitsuki literally worries herself sick. Poor Mitsuki; I'm kind of with Reina on that one. She is too mentally weak.

On the other hand, she does have more to worry about than just Towa. This Aya thing has been a real shock to her, and I think it's probably understandable, but it's just such an off-the-wall situation that it's really hard to imagine how I'd feel. But basically he came back and revealed that Mitsuki had believed something false about a key part of Aya's identity, so it would kind of be like her whole world was a lie. What is real? What is there to believe in anymore? Why didn't he ever tell me!? ...To her credit, she actually doesn't seem that concerned about the gender thing, and she still values the memories of Aya-chan. Now that he's back, even without the gender thing, he's acting like a different person, so it's like one of the most important things in her life is gone for good, and that's actually really depressing when I think about it. It's like if suddenly we could never see the real Fantasmic! again... (Only much worse, because relationships with people are so much more important.)

Anyway. We get a flashback to when they just met, which was pretty funny. Incidentally, in the CD drama, Aya is played by the same guy who played Haru in the My Little Monster anime, which I'm only thinking about because the whole encounter had a very My Little Monster vibe to it, even though I really don't think the characters are that similar to anyone in that series. Now we're matching people up. Kyosuke is Yamaken, Ryuji is Ma-bo, Rui is Tomio, and Towa is George. Oh my gosh, now that she puts it that way, Towa is George! George is the best. But Mitsuki is not Shizuku. Maybe a little of Asako. ...Now that we think about it, we seem to remember saying in our review of volume one that it's like if My Little Monster were about Asako. So maybe Towa is George mixed with Sasayan. ...But actually, Aya is a little like Sasayan...but more of a player...hmm...

Anyway. Of course the only person who can really cheer Mitsuki up is Towa, and he does it the one way he knows how: with basketball! And of course she's terrible, and we were like, "Yup, that's about how good we would be." And the important thing is that she makes a wishing shot, only she misses, but her wish is saved because Towa catches it on the rebound and makes a slam dunk! What! That's amazing! And she wishes that she could get over herself and grow up (which is the main thing that depressed her about Aya; he had grown up a lot, but she was still pathetic little Mitsuki).

Then we have a very important chapter, where the boys can talk without Mitsuki around. And I think we learn some important things that are very subtle. I mean, of course we learn that Towa likes Mitsuki, which we already knew, but he never comes out and says it. What he does say is, "Dude, I'm playing basketball," which is where we remember that oh yeah, the basketball team isn't allowed to date. So the question is: is basketball really that important to Towa? (Which it could be, because of the whole grandfather connection) Or is there some other reason that Towa doesn't want to commit to a relationship with Mitsuki, and he's just using basketball as an excuse? Come to think of it, we don't know what his parental situation is like. If his parents are divorced, I can definitely understand being reluctant when it comes to relationships. Meanwhile, there are hints that the other guys like Mitsuki, too, because this is a reverse harem of sorts.

We also have Mitsuki's attempt at making more friends, which shows us an interesting side of Reina. Reina is actually very good at being social, which is kind of a refreshing change in the portrayal of an otaku type. I always knew that you could be really into anime and still have a decent level of social skills. Sheesh, just because we like cartoons doesn't mean we don't know how to act in normal society.

And then there's Aya versus Towa. It's so funny how whenever Towa says he doesn't want to let Aya beat him, he adds something as if to say, "He's not my love rival, okay!" It was very sweet of Towa to tell Mitsuki about him after all, despite his own issues. Is it because he really cares about Mitsuki and wants her to be happy despite his jealousy? Or is he putting an obstacle in his path because of his own fear of relationships? Only time will tell! Oh, but the whole love confession scare! Poor Mitsuki. But Reina is such a good friend. Wow.

And finally we have Aya and a proper reunion with Mitsuki. It was really interesting to see him using his pickup lines on her, first, because it reveals that he's a player, and second, because Mitsuki's reactions were awesome. Of course, if she is his true love, that would be really painful for him, but he did it to himself, so whatever. I can definitely see things heating up in the next volume! But maybe not very much, because this series is very laid-back.

Incidentally, the zero pronoun gave us a lot of trouble when Towa was telling the guys about Kyosuke dumping that girl. We really weren't sure who would not be making whom truly happy. Ultimately we decided the girl must be the subject, because if he was afraid he couldn't make her happy, her obvious response would be, "No, you can! I know you can!" Also, it's a lot more shocking with him saying she's not good enough. Like, wow, what a jerk. And yet I really like him as a character.

Aww, what a nice series. Sorry if the review didn't always make sense. Anyway, for this weeks releases, we have Fire Force 6! That's another nice series, but in a completely different way. And tune in next week for our review of the sixth and final volume of Complex Age!

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that episode of Hozuki, our local fire department, the wind dying down so we don't have smoke everywhere and the firefighters can have an easier time containing the fire, getting to tell Farley about our Japan trip (he's still our best audience), and the ability to compartmentalize so we're not having nervous breakdowns about the mountains of work ahead of us.
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