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Alethea & Athena
There's always something 
7th-Oct-2017 08:51 pm
kid flash
Well, I think we may have finished with all the extra little things that are going to take up our time, like theme songs and trailers and practicing the piano for the choir number tomorrow. Now we just have to worry about the extra big things that are going to take up our time, like Gaston coming down this week to go to Disneyland. I guess this is a good time to let everybody know, assuming anyone was interested, that we've decided not to go to Mickey's Halloween Party this year. They've raised the prices enough to make Gaston balk, and we might just go the two of us anyway except that we're still crazy busy and everything. Plus we'd probably want new costumes, and then we'd have to decide on them and make them, and there ain't no time for that. I really want to do the Rescue Rangers with Gaston and Alice, but until we get the series on DVD and somehow convince Gaston to watch it, I don't think we'll ever convince him to be Monty. And the series is old enough that it might not get the recognition he wants anyway, until they do a reboot with blah character designs.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. We just watched Land of the Lustrous. I'm really torn about how we spend our time, because I still have SO much to talk about with Japan and all, but it was Land of the Lustrous, and we had a half hour and we really wanted to see it! Not surprisingly, the anime is incredibly sparkly. So far it follows the manga pretty closely, but it did make a few changes. For some reason, they had Kongo recite an abridged version of their history, not Phos, and they added a little more exposition from Rutile at one point. Obviously we feel like our translations were better, but we're very very biased, and we always think our translations are better. (Did I explain our choice of nicknames? *checks our review of volume one* Looks like I did, so now you know why we did it differently for Morganite and Goshenite.)

We were planning to watch another episode of Hozuki, too, but Crunchyroll was acting weird, so I was thinking we could write a liiiittle bit about Japan, but now I'm thinking it might be better to just go to bed. But tomorrow, we should have time to write some stuff.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our to-do list today, getting to watch Land of the Lustrous, getting our grocery shopping done, kiwi-scented shampoo, and getting to sleep in for two days in a row.
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