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My Little Pony day

We overdid it today. We went to Downtown Disney to watch the My Little Pony movie, and we had a great time and everything, but we keep forgetting to stop and rest. I mean, obviously, we sat and watched a movie for a couple of hours, but then we wandered around Downtown Disney and Disneyland for a little while. And somehow, it's always on the days we walk to Disneyland that we go to see Farley and he's with a bunch of kids that need to do a dance thing. So we did the chicken dance (because it's October), which wore us out even more, and even though we were dying of thirst, we didn't stop to sit and get lemonade or anything; we just stayed on our feet and went to buy some ponies, which was in the opposite direction of home, and then we went straight home. By the time we got back, we were too wiped out to do anything but lie on the couch watch TV, so we finally finished watch My Little Pony season 7, and then we ordered pizza and then we watched more TV.

As for the movie, it had the usual trouble we have with movies, which is that it does have to focus on stunning visuals occasionally, and for some reason the ponies eyes were all bigger than usual, which was disconcerting, but other than that I'd say it was really really good. The story was solid, the characters were their usual fun selves, the music was good, and I was happy at the end, and that's really the important thing. It made me cry a few times. I think my favorite was when they were climbing the cliffs to Mt. Airis (not sure how it's spelled, but it's pronounced something like that), and Rarity decided she couldn't do it anymore. We knew how she felt, and didn't realize we would be feeling much the same way later that very day...

Anyway, I would recommend it! We don't think it would be confusing if you haven't been following the show, but since we have been following the show, we may not be the best judges of that aspect. We did tell the girl at Build-A-Bear that she should go see it--she said she hasn't watched the show, but she's thinking about seeing the movie. This is probably due in part to the influx of interest in buying ponies that the movie brought about, and maybe because they have some movie promotional stuff going on. Incidentally, we got Twilight Sparkle and Tempest, because we wanted Tempest for the movie tie-in, and Twilight was the logical other choice, and they were having a two-for-less special. But we didn't get Tempest's armor because we were already antsy about spending money (so don't buy them at all (but we wanted them!!)).

And that's why we didn't write any reports or reviews today. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be less dead. These next few weeks are going to be so brutal.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see an awesome My Little Pony movie, having some new pony plushes to keep Fluttershy company, the super yummy pizza we had for dinner, getting to see Farley, and those really great episodes in the second half of MLP season seven.
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