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Currently our ideal work schedule is one day each for first draft and edit on all the manga we have to do this month, and we managed to fill our quota today! Of course, first drafts are easier than edits, so we'll see if we can meet our second quota...but we're going to take it easy tomorrow, because the My Little Pony movie is coming to theaters and we are going to see it! It may not be the smartest plan, but sometimes you really just need to do something that's fun and easy on the brain. And we've been confronted with the concept of rewriting again, so we could definitely use a pick-me-up.

As for today, we actually ended up with some extra time, but we needed to use it to work on song translations. And then we decided to write a review. When all we do is work work work, we tend to end up with a backlog of reviews to write, and we wanted to make some headway on it. It's tough, though, because I'm keeping all this information in my head--reviews to write, a Japan trip to report on... And it takes time to write it all down, but time is something we don't really have! Well, we'll see how things go this weekend.

And there was some time to watch an episode of anime (or write, but we chose the former because we wanted a bit of a break), so to make that productive, we watched an episode of Hozuki's Coolheadedness (season one), and! there was a cameo from a certain shoujo manga that was by the same publishers, whose anime was by the same animation studio! It was funny, because at first we heard the one character's voice and immediately recognized the actor, so we were like, "Oh, it's Tatsuhisa Suzuki." And we didn't think much more of it, until I delayedly recognized the girl character he was hanging out with. So then we had to go back and play that bit again. (It was episode seven, by the way.)

Now we're going to bed early because we're very tired.

Today I'm thankful for happy cameos in anime, finishing our work quota, a very very sweet volume of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty, having some Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate ice cream waiting for us, and Fandango gift cards.
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