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Slacking in the name of work

Well, we gave in and asked for more time for My Monster Secret. We had to; we started working on Hozuki's Coolheadedness this weekend and it was taking kind of a long time, and then we got hit with a simulpub. There was no way we would finish it on time and get UQ Holder! in. But it was a really cool chapter of UQ Holder!, featuring a lot of our suddenly favorite character. So that was exciting.

That being the case, we probably did have time to do a Japan report today, but we took the time to watch anime instead. There were three reasons for this. First, we had to do laundry, and we just like to use anime to help us time when we have to go move stuff to the drier and then get it out of the drier. Second, we realized that the easiest way to figure out where to look for how they translated certain terms in the first season of Hozuki is to be familiar with it by watching it. Third and most importantly, the UQ Holder! anime premiered and we really wanted to see it! I'll even admit that the subtitles were pretty good most of the time (although our opinionated opinions always demand that we complain about a missed nuance there or, more likely, an, "I would have worded it like..."; it seemed unnatural sometimes, but I also have to admit that sometimes a wording seems unnatural in print but when you hear it out loud it sounds fine).

Incidentally, we have a sort of funny story to tell involving UQ Holder!. One day last week, our editors from Kodansha USA emailed asking for our Negima! style guide, because there are about a bazillion specialized terms in Negima!, and Kodansha Japan wants to make sure things are consistent for the anime. Actually, the style guide was originally created by us (that's how we ended up with our Box o' Negima (that and Negima!? neo) to help our Negima! predecessor keep things straight, but soon after we finished it, our editor at Del Rey said, "Well, since you probably know more about Negima! than anybody but Akamatsu by now, you wanna take over?" And that's the story of how we got to work on Negima!.

But anyway, they emailed and asked for our style guide, and we said sure here it is. A couple of hours later, we go to Facebook and see Sentai Filmworks's announcement that they had licensed it. And we were like, "But we work for that company!" Oh man, UQ Holder! would have been so much easier than Hozuki... It would practically be copy and paste. And there would be a lot more non-talking time and a lot less onscreen text... *wistful*

Okay, I should stop rambling and go to bed. Today I'm thankful for a super cool chapter of UQ Holder!, getting to see the UQ Holder! anime (I can't wait till they get to Senkyokan!), getting to watch Hozuki's Coolheadedness up to when they met Yoshitsune, finishing our work quota today, and getting to pet one of the patio cats.
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