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Alethea & Athena
Still going 
29th-Sep-2017 09:52 pm
kid flash
Work is going well. We might even make it! I like to think that if we can make it to Wednesday, we'll survive. Then our calendar is pretty hilarious, because we have one book due in mid-October, and then about four or five due all in the same couple of days at the end of October. Of course, we're pretty sure something's going to come up before then, and we've been informed that the anime we're working on this season promises to be a challenge (although we did start watching the first season, and it wasn't so bad).

And now we need to get some sleep. Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret, Haagen Dazs ice cream still being on sale, spotting the chocolate chip cookie dough Haagen Dazs, realizing that if we have candy at snack time it has the same amount of calories but takes less time to eat (ideal for super busy schedules (you know, except for the lack of vitamins and minerals part; but we made sure to get candy with peanut butter!)), and our cat-sitter liking the little Donald plush we got her.
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